Saturday 31 October 2015

Halloween and the end of Zombtober

Well, Zombtober has come to an end, on Halloween no less. I have painted one last survivor this month, another from the Hasslefree Sculpting competition many moons ago.

She is dressed as her favorite comic character, Z-Girl, the zombie fighting superhero (who I just made up!).

This was the real reason to get her painted up...

Worst Halloween party ever....

I am sure she will be fine....


Thursday 29 October 2015

Radio Dishdash Zombies and Survivors

Colin and I are off to a convention in Christchurch this weekend, so naturally we needed a set of our figures all painted up nicely, and it also coincides very nicely with the fact that you can now buy yourself a set of our zombies and survivors from our website here at!

for the weekend I have painted up:

The Gas-mask Survivor, wearing a very dapper yellow jacket!

The priest, with his crucifix to save him. And the pistol just in case....

The soldier, one from our modern ANZAC range, he brings the firepower of his Steyr assault rifle to the group!

And of course, we have the zombies. The zombies we have are what we term as "ragers". They are the freshly infected, they are still as strong and as fast as a human, but they can't repair like a living human can, meaning that after a short time, they will break down in to what we know (and love) as a shambling zombie.

The first rager is a police officer

The second, a woman on a night out in her little black dress

The third, a doctor in her hospital scrubs, having bitten through her surgical mask

The fourth, a soldier (and argh- I missed a mould line on his foot!)

Add to that a nice horde of other zombies which I have been building over the year and I am all set for the weekend's gaming!

I am not sure why it has taken me so long to paint my own figures, but here they are, plus, you can buy a set for yourself too! I must get some proper photos done of these figures too, so you will be seeing them again!


Wednesday 28 October 2015

Zombtober Week Four- Where did week four go?



My plans of a new historical period each week for Zombtober ran straight into an iceberg of my "real" job taking up way to much of my time and brain power, meaning I was in no shape to do any converting or painting.

Earlier in the month I did finish up one of my last figures from the Studio Miniatures kickstarter, one of the freebies- the Celebrity. So at least I did something, even if it is RIDICULOUSLY late!

Well, it isn't a new historical period, and it isn't lots of zombies or survivors.

But it is Zomb-Bill Murray. Which makes up for it


Sunday 18 October 2015

Zombtober Week Three- Painted!

Right- again slightly late (sorry!), but I have at least managed to paint up the third week of survivors.

As I showed you earlier, these guys were made from a combination of Wargames Factory, Perry Miniatures and Studio Miniatures parts.

We have a survivor with a longbow...

And a survivor with a halberd...

And we of course, have the zombies!

This group was fun to paint, I always enjoy getting to use a variety of colours which I don't normally use! I did enjoy making the zombie pincushion, as well as using the Wargames Factory legs to make the zombie group suitably shambly.

Anyway, off to assembly Week Four, while watching the latest Walking Dead :)


Wednesday 14 October 2015

Zombtober Week 3- Conversions done!

Right, and we are back for Week Three!

.. History recalls the conflict as the War of the Roses, a battle between the house of York and the house of Lancaster. After unearthing the remains of Richard III in a carpark. Archeologists have been searching the surrounding area for further remnants of the battle. A newly unearthed mass grave near the site of Richard's burial contained a large number of remains.

All of them had their skulls crushed, and a small number had markings of human teeth on their bones...

This week's historical period is the War of the Roses, which was between 1455-1487 AD. I have made two survivors and five zombies, all from Perry Miniatures plastics, and of course for the zombies I have combined the Perry stuff with extra zombie bits from the Studio Miniatures plastic sprues.

We have two survivors- an archer and a man-at-arms...

And we have five zombies!

I mixed things up even more for this set, using some of the more "shambly" Wargames Factory legs with Perry armoured torsos, to give this group and even more shambolic approach. All it took was some cutting, and a bit of greenstuff to neaten up the joins. I am pretty happy with how they have come out, I think they are suitably shambling!

They got an undercoat this morning, so we are all go for finishing them by Sunday.

I did also realize today that there is 5 weeks (well, the last one ends on the 1st of November), so I now need to think of another historical period. Hmmmmmmm....


Sunday 11 October 2015

Zombtober Week Two: Complete!

Right- it is still Sunday in the US right? That means I am totally not late.....

Anyway, this week's historical period is finished!

We have the Roman survivor, Gaius Sullo. He has worn a masked cavalry helm since he was horribly scarred in the battle in the Teutoburg forest many years ago. Worth noting that the shield is freehand done by me, which I am quite proud of :)

And our Dacian survivor, known as the "Brute" armed with the fearsome falx and a bad attitude!

The two are fighting against zombie Romans...

And zombie Celts.....

Which makes me realize how many mould lines I missed- like the one across the crawlers head... Sigh!

Right, back to the painting desk!


Tuesday 6 October 2015

The Walking Dead Wednesday- Michonne!

Right- it might be Zombtober, but I have another Walking Dead Wednesday to put up here.

And of course, I have saved one of the most bad ass characters for last, the zombie slaying ninja, Michonne!

Another from the excellent Studio Miniatures kickstarter, she also comes with a Zomb-Michonne...

And a shot of Michonne facing off against Zomb-Michonne!

In Skirmish Outbreak, Michonne would be something like this. She has the Zombie Hunter experience package, which makes her a true force to be reckoned with in hand to hand combat!

I have also managed to complete the crawler zombie from the kickstarter too, which was the inspiration for one of my Celt-zombies for Zombtober!

Right- I really need to get back to painting my Zombtober entries if I am going to make the Sunday deadline!