Wednesday 14 October 2015

Zombtober Week 3- Conversions done!

Right, and we are back for Week Three!

.. History recalls the conflict as the War of the Roses, a battle between the house of York and the house of Lancaster. After unearthing the remains of Richard III in a carpark. Archeologists have been searching the surrounding area for further remnants of the battle. A newly unearthed mass grave near the site of Richard's burial contained a large number of remains.

All of them had their skulls crushed, and a small number had markings of human teeth on their bones...

This week's historical period is the War of the Roses, which was between 1455-1487 AD. I have made two survivors and five zombies, all from Perry Miniatures plastics, and of course for the zombies I have combined the Perry stuff with extra zombie bits from the Studio Miniatures plastic sprues.

We have two survivors- an archer and a man-at-arms...

And we have five zombies!

I mixed things up even more for this set, using some of the more "shambly" Wargames Factory legs with Perry armoured torsos, to give this group and even more shambolic approach. All it took was some cutting, and a bit of greenstuff to neaten up the joins. I am pretty happy with how they have come out, I think they are suitably shambling!

They got an undercoat this morning, so we are all go for finishing them by Sunday.

I did also realize today that there is 5 weeks (well, the last one ends on the 1st of November), so I now need to think of another historical period. Hmmmmmmm....



  1. Cool conversions dude! At the end you could have a Bill and Ted style most excellent zombie hunt through time! Station!

  2. Hmm, zombies in armour (especially helmets!) are surely something of a problem for the survivors! Nice conversions...

  3. "Suitably shambling" sums it up nicely. Well done.