Friday 29 May 2015

Survivor- Hugh

Ok- So this time we are back, and with a vengeance!

This story follows on from last weeks...

... I ran to the back door. My daughter cried as I wrenched her arm, trying to get her out of there as fast as possible. I reached the back room, slamming the door behind me, wedging a chain under the door knob.

I reached where the back door should have been.

But there wasn't one.

Only a wall.

No way out.

I grabbed her, pulled her close, and huddled in the corner. She was crying.

So was I.

The door knob began to turn, slowly, then more vigorously. Then with a crash, an elbow burst through the door. He was taunting me then, laughing.

An arm reached through the hole in the door, fumbling for the knob.

I took my opportunity, grabbing the largest and sharpest of the wood splinters I drove it into the hand reaching through.

He screamed, the hand withdrew in shock. But only for the gap to be replaced by the black, red and white of the snake

The taunts continued, the snake slivered closer and the hand reached through and opened the door. The snake and the man crept closer. Blood dripped from his wounded hand, he stopped to lick it up, a wicked smile on his face.

Behind him, a figure appeared, big guy in a faded brown jacket.

He spoke in a gravelly voice, like someone out of an 80's TV show. "You all got any food"

The snake-man turned and said "This food is mine..".

With that, he drew a knife from his waistcoat and lunged at the big man.

I remember how loud that shot was, a sound that I am sure still deafens me to this day. The big man stood there, arm outstretched, a doublebarrelled shotgun in his hands. The snake man lay dead on the floor, his snake scurrying out of the room, never to be seen again.

The big man lowered his weapon, it's barrels still smooking, the stench of burnt gunpowder in the air.

He simply said "they ain't food"

Well, another survivor done! Hugh comes from the Reaper range, this is the Bones incarnation of him. I have been uninspired by the Bones range so far, the plastic-stuff it is made from I find dislikes being painted, and is quite soft and on occasion lacks detail.

Now, in saying all of that- I found none of those things with Hugh. Casting was crisp, it wasn't a soft plastic and after I gave it a good scrub in warm water with dishwashing liquid to clean off any oily residue from the mould release, Hugh took paint very well. I was so impressed, that I would be more than happy to order more!

The paint job is pretty standard, but another one done. Am I back on the painting horse?

Anything is possible :)

Here is next weeks!


Wednesday 27 May 2015

Survivor- Django


".. so we were moving out of New Orleans, into the swamps when we came across him. Our group had been panicked, fleeing the city when the Z's arrived off the docks. It sounds stupid now, but we had no supplies. It was just us, that was all we had. We were totally unprepared. It was raining, so we had no raincoats. It was bitterly cold, and we only had these stupid light sweaters. The type of thing that looks oh so fashionable on the mannequin in the store but does nothing for you in terms of staying warm. The plan was to take our daughter and meet my husband in Little Rock, where he was on business. I had begged him not to go, but he told me the world kept on turning, the mortgage still had to be paid, even with the flu going around (Author's Note: In the early stages, the outbreak of the Z virus was put down to a variation of the flu, ebola, HIV, AIDs or any number of other diseases in an attempt to keep the population from widespread panic. Scholars now debate as to the effectiveness of this policy)

We had left the car miles and miles ago, we had been wandering in the rain for what felt like an age. She was six then, old enough to walk, too big to be carried.

When we came across a cabin, it was too good to be true. We ran as fast as we could to the door, yelling and banging on the door to let us in, seeking any respite from the rain. He opened the door, the warmth of the fire in his cabin spilling over us as he opened it, radiating through us, making us feel something close to being alive again. Simply put, he was a godsend. He wore a blue suit, fancy hat. He had a soft voice, which you just had to listen to, it entranced you, every word hanging in the air.

He offered a promise of food? Of shelter?

Who could say no to that?

He ushered us inside, and as we walked in, transfixed by the fire.

I heard the door bolt shut.

He turned, a smile on his face as a snake emerged from his shirt sleeve. It's red, black and white striped body emerged slowly, tongue tasting the air.

Throat too dry to cry out, I grabbed her and headed straight for the back door...

Dangit- I was late again! But, I am back on the horse.

Django is the first survivor I have done since my little hiatus. I do apologise for that, but moving in to our new house (which we own!) took precedence, and really did put a dampner on my painting drive.

Django comes from the Reaper range, and his choice of suit colour is very obviously based of another Django! The snake is a coral snake, mainly because the colours contrasted so well to the blue suit!

Add to that they are highly venomous...

Anywho, a return to form of sorts? Well, hopefully. I missed the deadline by a few days, and he hasn't been based (I have no idea what box my basing stuff is in!) But, back on the horse I hope- this is next weeks survivor....


Wednesday 20 May 2015

Back- with a plan!

So, I am back.

Or I am at least trying to get myself back into the swing of it!

Moving, house buying and all those other things are more or less done, it is time for me to try and get my painting mojo back.

To get me started, I splashed out and bought a new figure for this week's survivor:

Obviously he needs a little bit of work, but it can't be that hard to paint one figure in an evening right?

Challenge Accepted.


Tuesday 5 May 2015

Apologies for the Intermission- scheduled programming will restart shortly

Sorry for the delay, moving house and Real Life have gotten in the way of the regularly scheduled programming.

Jungle Jim is on the first bird out to try and sort out where that last post got to....

Back Friday....