Sunday 17 January 2016

January's Terrain Project- A boat!

Since showing off the unopened parcel back in my planning for 2016 post, I have been very busy, not just painting Daisy, but also assembling this:

The lower hull, and also showing the flat pack MDF sheets ready to be punched out

And assembled!

It is the MSV Ironsides from TT Combat, and it is an absolute beast!

With a full complement of containers, a two story bridge, stairs and other cool laser cut details, this was simply too cool for me not to buy.

With a 28mm soldier for scale

All the pieces assembled

And when placed in situ

Assembly wise, the kit was not too bad- I have assembled far worse! I used both superglue and PVA to assemble the kit, and recommend a degree of patience while assembling the larger parts- for example the container deck is two pieces and getting them to sit right, as well as their side railings was a little challenging! Assembling it late at night probably wasn't helping that either.

Regardless, it has been built now, and has even got a coat of paint!

I am planning on trying out the salt weathering method on it, to give it a rusted hulk kind of look. Should be good I think!

More on this as I progress....


Friday 15 January 2016

First Survivor of 2016- Daisy!

Right, so fresh from the big "this is what I am going to do post", I have actually managed to sit down and paint something!

The first survivor of the year comes from RN estudio, from their Indiegogo campaign I backed about a year ago (here). In fact, the figures are available for sale now I see.

I have to admit, this is the second (maybe third) time I have attempted to paint her, the first time I hadn't done enough prep work on the resin and the paint refused to adhere- my usual cleaning method for resin clearly hadn't worked out at all. I threw her into the "too hard" pile, where she sat for a good couple of months. It was only as I was trying to clear my painting table (unsuccessfully I might add), that I came across her again.

And while I was working on this month's terrain piece (more on that in the next day or two), I wanted something small which I could use to distract myself from the larger blocks of painting- which she was perfect for! Couple that with some inspiration from the latest Star Wars movie, you have Daisy (obviously named for Daisy Ridley, and her character Rey):

Not a bad way to ease into the new year! She is a bit less dark in person, I am just struggling a little sorting out lighting. Clearly I just need to finish more survivors, and get more practice, right?

Update on the terrain for January coming soon, hopefully the weather clears up for me to progress it....


Wednesday 13 January 2016

2016- Planning for the future

Well, this took a little while longer than I expected, so let's talk my plans for 2016!

2015 was a very successful start for my own personal zombie apocalypse, co-authoring Skirmish Outbreak, Medieval Mayhem and painting up the start of a real horde of zombies. So where to next?

Skirmish Outbreak Rules
We will continue to support Skirmish Outbreak throughout the year with further releases, but what they are is still under wraps. Suffice to say, it will involve Zombies, and it will be awesome :)

And if you are tempted to look at the rules themselves, Shelldrake has done an awesomely indepth reviews of the rules here which may help tempt you into buying a copy from

Well, I mostly achieved my goal last year of painting a survivor each week, plus I got an almost 2 to 1 ratio of zombies to survivors!

The plan for 2016 is to paint through the range of Studio Miniatures zombies. The lot of them. I already have a head start with the Walking Dead zombies done, as well as the Medieval Mayhem and a whole lot of their plastic zombies done too.

So it is just the 127 metal zombies to go, and that is assuming they don't release more zombies through the year for me to paint!

As for survivors, I will keep ticking my way through them, finishing at least one new survivor each month.

This is my big goal for the year. I am desperately short of terrain to play my zombie games on and that is a real issue!

So, my goal here is to complete one terrain piece each month, like a building or other big piece. Plus I will be trying to complete other little terrain pieces through the year.

In fact, January's terrain piece has already been progressed, it no longer looks like this:

But more on that during the week!

Battle reports
Well, the resounding feedback I have had so far about my blog is that there are not enough games!

So the goal for myself then is to play one game a month, and post it up here on the blog. Should be easy enough, right? Especially when I have some cool new terrain to play on!

Right, so there is my goals for 2016 planned, lets see how I get on!


Saturday 2 January 2016

2015- A look back

Well, 2015 is done and dusted, so it makes sense to do a bit of a year in review type thing.

So, lets have a wee look at what I have managed to paint over the year.

My goal was to paint a new survivor each week, posting them up on a Friday. Was I successful? Well... no. I missed a few weeks here and there (about 6 total),but did managed to complete no less than 105 survivors!

This included 76 modern survivors:

And the 29 survivors of Medieval Mayhem:

And then as for Zombies? Well, I painted a fair few of those too- 144 in fact!

It is quite the horde when you put them all in one place!

And of course the other big Zombie thing for the year was to co-author a set of Zombie rules, Skirmish Outbreak, and to release the first supplement in collaboration with Studio Miniatures.

Right, so that is a brief look back at 2015, next post will lay out some of the plans and schemes for 2016.

Thanks to all who tuned in during 2015, I sincerely hope you enjoyed what you found! And I do hope you will tune in for the next year too...