Friday 24 April 2015

Survivor Week 20- Carlos

Another week gone, another survivor!

I have been busy working on a variety of other things, including the HMMWV that made an appearance last week! Some of the things I am working on will make an appearance on this blog before too long.

Anyway, this week's survivor is Carlos!

Carlos comes from Spectre Miniatures, another from the kickstarter I invested in recently. Carlos has a Detroit Red Wings cap, a submachinegun and a sweet red hoodie. Clearly I do like the colour red on a hoody, and yet I don't own one myself- perhaps I should remedy that...

Anyway, MORE excitingly. Next month is a theme month, so look out for an announcement on that later this week. And it will mark the return of the stories for the survivors- promise!


Friday 17 April 2015

Survivor Week 19- Phil

Friday again, and again another survivor!

This week's is Phil, another of the excellent figures from the Spectre Miniatures range. He is meant to be a despotic African Warlord, but his snazzy green beret, elvis glasses and camo pants just screamed "Phil" to me. Well that and his tricked out M4 just wasn't at all right for my 1990s era Africans!

I have said it before with Spectre, but some of their miniatures are just absolutely lovely. Others, I am just not a fan of, the gun is too small or the pose just feels off. Adding to that I am still waiting on the last few things from the kickstarter, which is gettng on a long while ago now. Not a major drama, but it is limiting my enthusiasm for running off and buying more figures from them!

Well that, and I have way too much other stuff to paint- too much to spend time buying things, when I need to be painting- Things like the M998 Cargo HMMWV behind Phil in the images!

Oh, and Jungle Jim has his base finished, so I will try to get some proper shots of him over the weekend. I really, really need to stop trying to take pictures at 10:30 at night....


Friday 10 April 2015

Survivor Week 18- Jungle Jim!

This week's survivor is none other than Jungle Jim from the '68 series of comics.

I converted him from a Vietnam era US soldier from Baker Company. I have a couple of squad's worth of them sitting in a box, just waiting for me to get inspired enough to paint them all up. They are alright miniatures, some great, some average. Actually pretty much how I feel about most miniatures ranges.

Anyway, I digress. For those who want to see the WIP of Jungle Jim, he is here. I have greenstuffed a gas mask, added the bamboo to his arms and added a nice big machete to his back! The bamboo is actually a cut up metal spear I had lying around, with green stuff straps attached.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the result:

The paint scheme is the standard US uniform for Vietnam, with the addition of the black gasmask with yellow eyes and the shoulder patches provided by decals. I might have to try and get some better pictures once I finish his basing, but I think that may wait until I do something else jungle-y. I was too late in the day for my photos to get good lighting, so I will have to sort something out there. All in all, I think he makes for a pretty good representation of Jungle Jim, but it has made me wonder if I need to make some zombie NVA.....


Sunday 5 April 2015

This week's survivor- a sneak peek!

I have been a little uninspired of late, you will have noticed that there are a few more updates being without stories, or I haven't been that quick on responding to comments. It isn't at all that I don't appreciate your comments, I really do, I have just been lacking a little inspiration for my Zombie project.

Now, inspiration for me is usually not hard to find. I have a multitude of ideas in my brain that just spin around until I finally draw a line in the sand and try to make them into reality. To get me out of this uninspired funk I am in, it was time for one of those to come out.

A long weekend with the mother in law staying meant no time for me to play toy soldiers, but when she left I was "owed" some toy soldier time. Out came the green stuff, and it was time to get the idea out of my head.

And so, you get a sneak preview of this week's survivor. I am sure a few of you will recognize him from a certain comic....

Time to let the green stuff cure, then on to painting. You can see the finished result Friday!

I have to say, I reckon this has gotten me out of my uninspired funk :)


Friday 3 April 2015

Survivor week 17- Paul

Happy Easter to all of you, but a public holiday doesn't mean a break from my weekly goal of survivors, so here is this week's, Paul.

Working long hours on an IT helpdesk, spending his time telling people to turn their computers off an on again and to stop spilling coffee on their keyboards.

Well, it might have been the helpdesk at the CIA, but a help desk is a help desk. Still the same old crappy stuff.

Although, at least it got him access to a silenced pistol when the first zombie broke free from the containment facility in Paul's building.....

Paul comes from Spectre Miniatures, one of a number of their miniatures which I picked up through their kickstarter last year. Apologies for the short story this week, I got far too busy enjoying a day off work :)

I need to get more Zombies done, perhaps over the long weekend?