Friday 17 April 2015

Survivor Week 19- Phil

Friday again, and again another survivor!

This week's is Phil, another of the excellent figures from the Spectre Miniatures range. He is meant to be a despotic African Warlord, but his snazzy green beret, elvis glasses and camo pants just screamed "Phil" to me. Well that and his tricked out M4 just wasn't at all right for my 1990s era Africans!

I have said it before with Spectre, but some of their miniatures are just absolutely lovely. Others, I am just not a fan of, the gun is too small or the pose just feels off. Adding to that I am still waiting on the last few things from the kickstarter, which is gettng on a long while ago now. Not a major drama, but it is limiting my enthusiasm for running off and buying more figures from them!

Well that, and I have way too much other stuff to paint- too much to spend time buying things, when I need to be painting- Things like the M998 Cargo HMMWV behind Phil in the images!

Oh, and Jungle Jim has his base finished, so I will try to get some proper shots of him over the weekend. I really, really need to stop trying to take pictures at 10:30 at night....



  1. Nice job! Love that hummer as well.

  2. Very nice dude! Where can you get that hummer? With the hat and glasses, he has a very "Leon" vibe going on.

  3. Post-apocalyptic paramilitary leader, if ever I saw one! Quite the little despot, I imagine :-) .

  4. Nice figure and well painted as always but love the hummer....