Tuesday 25 August 2015

Survivor Friday- Detective

And we are back with Survivor Fridays too! I am out of town at the moment, so this update will be pretty short!

This week's survivor is another from the Studio Miniatures kickstarter, but because he isn't from The Walking Dead, I have put him here. The model is nice, it is a solid pose, and I have painted him up in a sweet black and white jacket and trendy blue jeans! 

Just like the other survivors from the Studio Miniatures kickstarter, he also comes with a zombified version!

I will be back to the writing and painting desk when I return, we will be back on Wednesday with the next survivor!


Walking Dead Wednesdays- Maggie!

And we are back!

Apologies for the week off last week, there has been stuff going on with family, which just crushed any motivation that I had to paint/write/anything. Through that now tho, so back to your scheduled programming!

Since it is Wednesday, it is time to have a look at another of Studio Miniatures' excellent Walking Dead sculpts.

Maggie is a very dynamic pose, much more so than Rick, Glenn or Carl. While I do love the pose, it presented a little bit of annoyance to me when basing (I don't use slotta bases). Nothing that a little pin through the foot can't fix (sorry Maggie!). Colours wise, I wanted the same black Riot Gear as Glenn, the brown pants/black boots seemed like a horse riding/farm girl sort of look, plus a green shirt because, well, bright colours are fun! I like that the pistol looks a bit oversized, it gives a nice contrast to the figure.

In Outbreak, I think Maggie is another Average Joe, armed with a pistol, knife and wearing Body Armour. Her stats look like this:

And of course, we also have Zomb-maggie!

Glenn and Maggie, fighting for each other...

And then reunited...

Right, back on this painting band wagon. Next week's Walking Dead Wednesday is mostly done, and it is the fan favourite Daryl!


Sunday 16 August 2015

In a small English village...

 IN a small English village somewhere in the UK 3 months after the zombie outbreak a bunch of hardy survivors were out searching for food and trying there best to avoid Zeds...

Below: Grannies indomitable spirit and her trusty niece make short work of this zed

Below: Granny's shotgun proving bad ass to the end... I shot, two ragers...

Special thanks to Ray for providing such great terrain and  Ray and Mike for being such super opponents all weekend at Call to Arms ( NZ)

Wednesday 12 August 2015

Walking Dead Wednesday- Glenn!

So after missing the deadline for the Friday survivor last week, I have been working hard to get my painting mojo back up and running. Luckily I have managed to meet one deadline, with Glenn finished for the Walking Dead Wednesday!


The figure is again from Studio Miniatures' kickstarter, and is again a lovely figure. The face on Glenn is not as nice as Rick's or Carl's, it is just less expressive I think. At any rate, it is a nice pose, combined with some of the riot gear and a no-nonsense M16, it makes for a nice figure.

In Outbreak, Glenn is another Average Joe, this time armed with an M16, Body Armour.

And just like Rick and Carl, we have Zomb-glenn as well!

I think that Zomb-Glenn needs a bit more blood, which I will remedy as soon as possible (otherwise I will forget!) I have already got next week's Walking Dead survivor on the painting table, and of course, you can't have Glenn without Maggie!

Need to get cracking on the survivor for Friday, and even play a game or two!


Monday 10 August 2015

Skirmish OUTBREAK- a look inside!

Here is a quick summary and a flick through the book, narrated expertly by me!


And I did the film work as I won the toss :-)


Wednesday 5 August 2015

Walking Dead Wednesday- Carl

Right, I am back from GenCon. I am not functioning very well, so luckily for me, I wrote this post before I left!

It is time for the Walking Dead Wednesday again, this time we are having at Carl...

Now I have to apologise to Studio Miniatures here- they sculpted Carl with a silencer on the end of his pistol, like this:

(image owned by AMC, taken without permission)

But I just didn't like the way it looked, so I removed it.

Anyway, again my photography has done something weird with the eyes- I can promise that Carl's aren't as wonky in person! Other than that, the paint job was pretty simple.

In OUTBREAK, Carl has the following statistics:

I chose to make Carl an Average Joe, as this is not the young boy from Season One, we are looking at the stone cold killer of Season Five! I also gave him the Not so Sweet upgrade, giving him +2 to his firearms skill.

Just like his dad Rick, should Carl not be able to escape the zombies, Studio Miniatures have also provided a Zomb-Carl!

Again, a really lovely sculpt. With his torn pants, his jacket being pulled off you can really get the sense of a struggle to take him down, but the Zombies were clearly the winners!

So, there we have it, another Walking Dead Wednesday out of the way. Next week? Glenn!


Saturday 1 August 2015

Survivor Friday- Vera!

In honour of my trip to the states for GENCON, I humbly present this week's survivor.... Sorry it is a day late!

Vera is another one from the Wargames Factory plastic boxed set. She is pretty much my least favourite model from the set- primarily because her only weapon option is an RPG! (EDIT: I have been alerted that there is a second weapon for her on the sprues- she can have an AK too!) But all of that aside, I am happy with how this model has turned out. The US flag pants have worked surprisingly well, and she will make a fine addition to my growing collection of survivors.

Details on how GENCON went next week, gotta get back to talking OUTBREAK!!!