Friday 24 April 2015

Survivor Week 20- Carlos

Another week gone, another survivor!

I have been busy working on a variety of other things, including the HMMWV that made an appearance last week! Some of the things I am working on will make an appearance on this blog before too long.

Anyway, this week's survivor is Carlos!

Carlos comes from Spectre Miniatures, another from the kickstarter I invested in recently. Carlos has a Detroit Red Wings cap, a submachinegun and a sweet red hoodie. Clearly I do like the colour red on a hoody, and yet I don't own one myself- perhaps I should remedy that...

Anyway, MORE excitingly. Next month is a theme month, so look out for an announcement on that later this week. And it will mark the return of the stories for the survivors- promise!


1 comment:

  1. Nice looking survivor dude! I've had a good look at the Spectre mini's, some very usable figures on offer. The bullet proof guys crack me up.