Thursday 29 October 2015

Radio Dishdash Zombies and Survivors

Colin and I are off to a convention in Christchurch this weekend, so naturally we needed a set of our figures all painted up nicely, and it also coincides very nicely with the fact that you can now buy yourself a set of our zombies and survivors from our website here at!

for the weekend I have painted up:

The Gas-mask Survivor, wearing a very dapper yellow jacket!

The priest, with his crucifix to save him. And the pistol just in case....

The soldier, one from our modern ANZAC range, he brings the firepower of his Steyr assault rifle to the group!

And of course, we have the zombies. The zombies we have are what we term as "ragers". They are the freshly infected, they are still as strong and as fast as a human, but they can't repair like a living human can, meaning that after a short time, they will break down in to what we know (and love) as a shambling zombie.

The first rager is a police officer

The second, a woman on a night out in her little black dress

The third, a doctor in her hospital scrubs, having bitten through her surgical mask

The fourth, a soldier (and argh- I missed a mould line on his foot!)

Add to that a nice horde of other zombies which I have been building over the year and I am all set for the weekend's gaming!

I am not sure why it has taken me so long to paint my own figures, but here they are, plus, you can buy a set for yourself too! I must get some proper photos done of these figures too, so you will be seeing them again!



  1. Gas mask survivor is fantastic mate.

  2. Fantastic, new zombies. Great work dude!

  3. I think that I'd put my faith in the pistol rather than the crucifix! Still, you never know...

  4. They turned out brilliant job well done!

  5. The gas mask survivor and ragers are fantastic guys. Any plans to do more?

    The gas mask guy i particularly like.

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