Sunday 18 October 2015

Zombtober Week Three- Painted!

Right- again slightly late (sorry!), but I have at least managed to paint up the third week of survivors.

As I showed you earlier, these guys were made from a combination of Wargames Factory, Perry Miniatures and Studio Miniatures parts.

We have a survivor with a longbow...

And a survivor with a halberd...

And we of course, have the zombies!

This group was fun to paint, I always enjoy getting to use a variety of colours which I don't normally use! I did enjoy making the zombie pincushion, as well as using the Wargames Factory legs to make the zombie group suitably shambly.

Anyway, off to assembly Week Four, while watching the latest Walking Dead :)



  1. I'd put my money on the halberdier, I think. After all, the archer hasn't realised that he needs to aim for the head (and isn't bright enough to have run away :-) ). The heavy armour and long chopping weapon should be good enough even against those odds.

    Plus I like the striped trousers/hose/tights/pants on the model!

  2. Axe head on a long pole = great anti z weapon!

  3. Very nice dude! Love the pincushion and the halberdier looks the business.

  4. All look great, especially the halberdier.

  5. Wow. Lovely blog and I'm loving all the different takes on the zombie apocalypses you've shown us. Great job!
    I have been commenting on people individual Zomtober posts so far, but with your blog I'm afraid there's just too many posts that I'm loving. Suffice to say, again, great job!