Sunday 11 October 2015

Zombtober Week Two: Complete!

Right- it is still Sunday in the US right? That means I am totally not late.....

Anyway, this week's historical period is finished!

We have the Roman survivor, Gaius Sullo. He has worn a masked cavalry helm since he was horribly scarred in the battle in the Teutoburg forest many years ago. Worth noting that the shield is freehand done by me, which I am quite proud of :)

And our Dacian survivor, known as the "Brute" armed with the fearsome falx and a bad attitude!

The two are fighting against zombie Romans...

And zombie Celts.....

Which makes me realize how many mould lines I missed- like the one across the crawlers head... Sigh!

Right, back to the painting desk!



  1. Don't worry, it's still Sunday here in the UK too.
    Great idea, very well executed. Really nice freehand on the shields too dude.
    Great job all around!

  2. The pride you take in your freehand is well deserved. Nicely done.

  3. Love the freehand, wish mine was as good *sigh*

  4. Very cool the shield looks ace dude!