Tuesday 6 October 2015

The Walking Dead Wednesday- Michonne!

Right- it might be Zombtober, but I have another Walking Dead Wednesday to put up here.

And of course, I have saved one of the most bad ass characters for last, the zombie slaying ninja, Michonne!

Another from the excellent Studio Miniatures kickstarter, she also comes with a Zomb-Michonne...

And a shot of Michonne facing off against Zomb-Michonne!

In Skirmish Outbreak, Michonne would be something like this. She has the Zombie Hunter experience package, which makes her a true force to be reckoned with in hand to hand combat!

I have also managed to complete the crawler zombie from the kickstarter too, which was the inspiration for one of my Celt-zombies for Zombtober!

Right- I really need to get back to painting my Zombtober entries if I am going to make the Sunday deadline!



  1. Wonderful work on Michonne (both versions) and that crawler looks the business too. Great zed-related posting.

  2. Love the head scarf, nicely painted!

  3. That is a lovely pair of figures, which you have painted beautifully. Great job dude! The crawler rocks too man.

  4. Lovely work on them all. I pinned the arms on mine fearing they will break off to easy!