Wednesday 22 July 2015

Walking Dead Wednesdays 1: Beginnings and Zombies

It seems like it is all go here on the blog at the moment!

With the arrival of the Studio Miniatures pack last week, I decided to stage my painting out for it, so that I will be able to keep up with my other painting goals.

Right- so what is the plan then? Well, Walking Dead Wednesdays will be me working my way through the miniatures which I got from Studio Miniatures, plus whatever else I think of Walking Dead related on a Wednesday.

Sound good?

So to get us started, here is the little girl zombie from the kickstarter. This is her from the show:

Image owned by AMC, taken without permission for this blog.

And this is my take on the miniature:

So, as you can see, I changed the colour palatte a bit, mainly because I don't have a good pink-ish colour. I decided to use the yellow simply because I don't really use yellow a lot at all, which will make her stand out, and plus it was one of the few nice pastel colours which I have readly to hand.

The sculpting on the zombie is excellent (as is, on the whole the whole set actually), in fact if I was being critical, it is probably too good, a bit too realistic!

So all in all, a lovely sculpt, really impressed with the quality Studio Miniatures are bringing to the table here.

Next on the Walking Dead Wednesdays is Rick and Zomb-rick!


  1. Great job dude! She's real creepy. Walking Dead Wednesday is a great idea!

  2. Sweet job dude! I am saving most my Zeds for Zomtober though some basing and prep work will probably go on prior to it :D

    1. That's a good thought to save them, I have a plan for Zombtober too!