Wednesday 22 July 2015

GENCON T-shirts

Hi All,

Chris has been doing a sterling job with this blog but I have just realised reading his latest missive that I haven't told him the T-shirt design has changed. With me being stateside for Historicon and Chris keeping the NZ home fires burning, communication has not been our strong point :-) 

The T-shirts still have yellow in them but not quite so yellow as we envisaged. So I thought I would take the opportunity to share. We think they look pretty cool, but I am bound to say that as I designed them. What do you think?  We will have a few for sale at Gencon so make sure you are in quick. Don't forget we are at Booth 2934 on the Entrepreneurs' Avenue. I hope to meet as many of you there as I can.



  1. This is a great looking T-Shirt. would love to wear it when the Zombie outbreak come😀 will they be available outside Gencon?

    1. We will make the call once we see how demand goes, but watch this space!

  2. Please sell the shirts. I'd need at least 4 for my gaming crew.

  3. I have put a link to this blog on the Zombie wargamers Forum. As most of the blogers on you blog roll are also members.

    Cheers From Clint

  4. If you feel connected to our design line and have a creative mind Gaming T-Shirts, we would be happy to hear your ideas for designing a shirt