Friday 10 July 2015

Survivor Friday- Smitty

It's Friday, so you know what that means! Today's story continues on from this one....

It had been hours since Coop had met Sasha, since they had left the school to head back to her dad. They had made a run for it, but there were too many of.... them.... on the streets, so they were forced into to a tenement building, barricading themselves in to stave off the horde outside. Coop had managed to get a signal out, before the radio crapped out. They were both running low on ammunition, Getting even this far had taken up so many of their precious bullets.

Sasha had never let Coop go since they had left the school. Neither of them had slept, the clawing at the door was always there, every once and a while Coop had to dispatch a Zed that was smart enough to figure out that there are a windows around the side of the building.

There were always explosions going off, jets streaked over the sky firing their weapons into the city. Explosions and fire, screams and howls.

Dante's inferno comes to Washington.

There was a loud bang outside, followed by a shout.

"Oi, anyone in alive in there"

The accent was British, the words punctuated by short bursts of an assault rifle.

"Yes" Coop responded, raising his weapon at the door. He pulled Sasha in behind him, shielding her with his large frame.

"I'm looking for Lance-Corporal Cooper, or for Sasha. Ideally, both."

"Who are you?" Coop called in reply

"I assume that means you are Lance-Corporal Cooper. Well, I'm here to save your sorry ass, ain't that enough?" came the angry response.

Coop repeated the question, this time louder. His weapon was trained on the door.

From outside, The Brit said "Right, sod it. No time for this", promptly kicking the door down, entering the room with weapon raised.

"I am Corporal Smith, Royal Marines. Friends call me Smitty. Squad and I got sent to get you and her- pointing to Sasha- out of here. But apparently the world has gone to sh*t and at the moment I am all the evac you get. Now I am going to lower my weapon, you do the same, and then make a nice plan how to get out of here"

Coop nodded, and lowered his weapon.

Smitty closed the door again, pushing a bench to give it more strength. He then righted an overturned chair and sat down. "Questions?"

"Where is your kit? Body armour? Webbing? Pack?"

"Got lost a while back, dropped my armour quick smart- in case you haven't noticed they aren't shooting back, don't need the Kevlar. Not when they go for the throat. My Bergen went up when our vehicle went up, now I just have my rifle and all the mags I can fit in my pockets"

"Why are the Royal Marines here? Shouldn't you be saving the queen or something, leaving this to our boys?"

"I bet Her Royal Highness is fine. She is probably popping shotgun shots off the bloody balcony of Buckingham Palace drinking a sherry with the corgis at her feet while the horse guards get cracking skulls downstairs, making sure to not get their shiny boots scuffed."

He smiled.

"Plus, there are plenty of SAS boys to go off saving princesses, probably getting all the kisses from 'em right now too, while I am stuck saving you two, from a country which gave our king the middle finger in 1776. Why aren't your boys here? They are. They are just the ones outside with a hankering for some of our tasty tasty skin. Long story short, you get me, the SAS get the princesses."

He leaned forward. "As much as I love question time, what's the plan to get out of here...."

Look at that! Another survivor, and one with a proper background story! Coop and Sasha are verging on becoming main characters, maybe I should make that happen. Now that they are a trio there must be some adventures to be had!

Smitty is another from the Wargames Factory survivor kit, once I saw that they had an SA80 on the sprue, the wheels started turning, so all that was left was to give him a French hat (beret) and voila, Royal Marine! I painted him at the same time as some other Modern British for Sangin, using him as a tester for British DPM camo. All in all, I am pretty happy with how he has turned out.

Right well, back to it. Who should join Sasha, Coop and Smitty? Any ideas? Where should they try to go next?



  1. Nice survivor dude! Great back story too.
    The WGF survivor kit is a great source of different characters for your apocalypse.
    As the gang is in Washington, I'm sure there would be plenty of suits around.

  2. Nice kit bash looks great mate. I think a suit would be a cool idea as well.