Thursday 23 July 2015

Survivor Friday- Felicity

I know the posts are coming thick and fast at the moment, but it's Friday, so don't you be thinking that while posting all these other things that I would forget about completing a survivor!

This week's survivor is a continuation from the last story (here).

... Cooper and his group continued to move through the city.

Around every corner was one of them, distracted trying to break down doors, hunting the living, or feasting on those they had caught.

They managed to make good progress, avoiding them wherever possible, attacking only when they had to.

As they ran down the street, up ahead they saw a figure, a woman. she was running, smacking a zombie here and there, always moving forward. The group followed, thankful for the clear path through the zombies.

She looked behind her, spotting the trio. On seeing that she was being followed, and not by the living dead, she stopped, pausing in her violent running race.

Cooper slowed, motioning Sasha behind himself. Smitty had his rifle raised, taking no chances.

"Don't use that please, don't be loud. Surely you know that it brings more of them?" She said, pointing at Smitty's rifle.

Cooper got a good look at her weapons, a butchers cleaver in one hand, a cast iron frying pan in the other. She wore a bloodstained waitresses uniform, her hair unkempt.

When Cooper remarked on her arsenal of weaponry, she just said "Look I know I am a walking stereotype- but the frying pan really works you know? God, if my gender studies lecturers could see me know...."

Felicity is another from the Wargames Factory plastic boxed set, but with a fair bit of converting done. The figure originally comes with some very impractical strappy shoes, so I replaced them with some much more sensible sneakers off another survivor. The frying pan is a combination of a plastic wargames factory arm, with a new greenstuff shoulder, combined with a metal round, formerly off of the base of a 15mm figure and then held on by Green stuff.

So there you have it, another survivor! I had a game of OUTBREAK last night, so will get the AAR up over the weekend.

And hey, I leave for Gencon soon!



  1. She carries the frypan of doom :)

  2. Very nice! I am sure she can carve some flesh then cook it shes a really a Cannie!!

  3. Of course everyone knows the frying pan is the best anti- zombie weapon.

    1. Heavy, easy to hold and swing, resilient and doesn't run out of ammo- sounds good to me!

  4. Felicity doesn't look like the kind of girl to pan-ic.
    Zombicide uses frying pans as weapons, they're not very good though.

  5. Excellent conversion and the frying pan is a great improvised weapon too.