Wednesday 29 July 2015

Walking Dead Wednesday- Rick

Time to have a look at the first of the Studio Miniatures Walking Dead figures. The natural place to start is with the group's leader, Rick!

I promise that the eyes look much less strange in person- I got a weird reflection from somewhere on them!

Rick is a really good figure, Studio Miniatures have done a cracking job in representing Rick in 28mm miniature, right down to his big pistol! I opted to give him a red shirt and his sheriff pants with the stripe down the side. Overall I have to say that I am pretty happy with him.

In OUTBREAK, Rick would have the following stats:

Rick is an Average Joe, armed with a Pistol and the Hero survivor upgrade package. The upgrade package adds two to three of his skills (I chose Firearms, First aid (specialist in limb removal) and Dodge), as well as making him a whole lot better in hand-to-hand combat.

Of course, should Rick not manage to outpace the zombies, Studio Miniatures have helpfully also made a Zomb-Rick!

A really lovely sculpt, just like the living Rick.

So there we have it, Rick and Zomb-Rick. Next week? Carl!

In other news- I am in Indy, it's almost GenCon time!



  1. Super job dude! Lovely figures, Studio always seem to deliver the goods.

    1. They haven definitely delivered.

      Makes me want more of their metals in fact!

  2. 'TOO COOL' is what first popped into my head. Enjoying this as I follow along waiting for the public release (it is coming, right.) Have fun at GenCon guys and have a pint or few for me, cheers.

    1. Thanks Don, glad you like him!

      As for the OUTBREAK release, it will be oh so soon, watch this space!

  3. Great job mate! I haven't touched mine yet!