Thursday 16 July 2015

Survivor Friday- Paul

It is Friday, so it is time for another survivor! Following on from last week's survivor (here)

... It was time to move.

The trio grabbed their gear and cautiously left their safe house. The two zombies banging at the door were easily despatched with knives, quietly for fear of attracting any unwanted attention.

They moved quickly, Cooper taking the lead, Sasha behind him and Smitty following behind. The trio had their weapons raised, ready and waiting.

They rounded a corner, just in time to witness a man in a suit, standing on the top of a car, surrounded by a mob of zombies. He swung a crowbar in panic, cracking skulls and fending off the clawing limbs.

Cooper wondered how long he would last, his arm was tiring, the strikes becoming more infrequent, soon there wouldn't be enough power to crack through a skull...

But those questions would never be answered, the trio were just thankful for the distraction as they moved onwards....

Another plastic survivor from Wargames Factory, and as requested an office worker from DC for the team to come across.

Sadly I don't think Paul is going to make it :)

Paul is a straight out of the box build, Not much more to say other than that about him!

Oh, these turned up from Studio Miniatures. Very excited!



  1. Nice looking survivor, even if he's not going to be more than a handy diversion.
    Really looking forward to what your going to do with the Studio mini's.

    1. They are really, really nice. Plans for them tomorrow Bob, I won't leave you waiting long :)

  2. Sweet job. There nice aren't they I am chuffed with mine.

    1. Thanks Simon- the Studio Minis guys are excellent!