Friday 30 January 2015

Survivor Week 9- Bridget!

An update today chaps- this weeks survivor is Bridget!

I haven't had enough time to get a story written for her, but it is safe to say that Bridget likes her teddy bear, playing field hockey and punk music. If she could update her Facebook status with her zombie kills, she would. Pity that the Internet went down, and her phone ran out of batteries to take selfies with. However, with her no nonsense boots, and with her typical rebellious take on her school uniform, she is taking the fight back to them living dead.

Smacking Zeds has been great therapy to get out her anger issues tho....

Bridget comes from Crooked Dice miniatures, and is an absolutely lovely figure. I have tried to get a good mix between the more formal colours of the uniform, with the more out there colours of her hair, her bracelets and her hockey stick. I hope to do her justice with a good story, but I just haven't had the time this week to get it done. To maintain my schedule I had to get the pictures of her up on the blog (which I have now done), so hopefully over the weekend, I will be able to share her story with you, along with some better pictures I think!



  1. Bridget looks great and i love the details on the skirt.

  2. Crooked Dice make a lot of very nice contemporary figures and she is one of my favourites. Great brushwork, Chris.

  3. Superb job again Chris! Love the tartan and hair dude!

  4. Very nicely done! Er, is that a Care Bear tucked into her belt? Doesn't quite fit the rebellious zombie killer teen image :-) , though I suppose it could hark back to a younger, kinder, (pink & purple) world!