Thursday 8 January 2015

Sixth Survivor- Bubba

It's Friday, and you know what that means... The next survivor!

This is Bubba, another cracking sculpt from Hasslefree.

... We were told Memphis was a safe zone, by the time we had reached the outskirts it was pretty damn obvious that Memphis was no safe zone- unless you were dead of course.

So my crew and I headed north, Got a couple of miles north of Jackson before our car crapped out. No fuel, no spare parts, no way to fix the damn thing. So we made camp out of town, off the main roads. Away from the prying eyes of the dead, or from wandering bands of the living. We didn't have much you know, but someone sure as hell would have taken it and left us for dead. A few stragglers joined us, before long we had a little community.

We had enough food to last us days, a week or two maybe, but there was never going to be enough to go around for long. The only solution was to start scavenging, start raiding the nearby areas. We knew that Jackson would have been overrun pretty damn quick by the dead walking out of Memphis so we had avoided it. But once the nearby areas were tapped out, we didn't have any other choice. First raid in was quick, we only went to the outskirts. Played it safe, played it cool. Avoided anyone, dead or alive. But, supplies got rare. So we had to go further in. Started seeing more Zees.

Me and this little Asian kid, Han or something like that, were on a run right in to Jackson. One of the locals had pointed out a few likely spots for good scrounging on a map for us. We took it easy, slowly, carefully. We had just raided the first spot- the fire station. The local had been a firefighter before the fall, there was this emergency supply cupboard that "no one would have found".


Guess the fireman forgot how desperate people are. Whole place was stripped clean, hell I am pretty sure that they would have stolen the damn bricks if they could figure out a way to eat 'em.

Anyway. We were just about to leave, totally empty handed save for a fire axe I found upstairs. And, like the world's greatest 10 year-old jackass I am about to slide down the fire pole. I just jumped out on the pole, looked down and saw that my landing was not going to be a good one. Turns out we hadn't been as quiet as we thought. Guess they had been following us, it took them a while, but it looked like they had filled the whole damn first floor. I ran to the stairwell to see Han, see whether he was still guarding the stairs. But Han wasn't there.

I don't know if the kid legged it, or was part of that horde downstairs. Either way? I was screwed.

So I grabbed my gear, and ran up to the roof, bolting the door behind me. Smart. Oh, except I had barely any food, barely any water, and I had bolted my only means of escape shut, with the dead on the other side.

As I said, jackass.

Zeds never left the door. Always scratching, always waiting outside for me. After those few days, I had attracted a whole damn horde of them. Guess they had put the call out that fresh meat was on the menu, if only they could get to me.

By the afternoon of the fourth day I was losing it. No water left, no food. I must have been sun touched, because next thing I know, I hear the sound of an engine, and then this guitar start playing. The guitar starts out soft, faint, but then gets louder. I look out, and there is, I swear, god damn Elvis standing on the roof of this upturned semi. There he is, with this red guitar plain as day. And then he starts playing it again. Starts out as this slow, blues song. Then gets fast, guitar howling. The zees lose their minds, trying to rush the semi. This whole damn horde runs out of the fire station, and tries to get at Elvis. Soon the zeds started to get close, then he paused his song, took out a revolver, calmly shot the offending zed and carried on playing. I should have run, but when was the last time anyone heard Elvis play? We hadn't had music in weeks.

I forced myself to get up and move, took one last look at Elvis, before opening the door, my looted fire axe at the ready. No zeds there. I crept downstairs, no zeds there. The whole pack of them were out clawing at Elvis, they had totally forgotten about me. When I got out the back, I was greeted by the barrel of an M16 in my face.

"You bit?" the a female voice asked. "No" I replied. She pushed me roughly to the ground, and checked me over. "He's clean" was all she said. The woman, this six foot tall amazon of a chick helped me into the back of the waiting pick up. Another girl was at the wheel, and once I was in the back we took off.

"But, what about Elvis" I yelled at the amazon sitting opposite me.

"Elvis? That ain't Elvis, that's Bubba. And Bubba is going to be just fine....

A much longer story today. I would blame me going back to work for that, too much time to think of stories! The story will continue on next week.

Bubba is another excellent figure from the Hasslefree Modern Adventurers range. It is not hard at all to see the inspiration for this figure, he is a lovely sculpt and I hope that I have done him justice! The white jumpsuit is just so different when compared to the dark and bloodied zombies, I love it. Temptation was to go a bit wild with the paint job, but I tried to keep it pretty simple, tried to keep him as clean as possible to really make him look out of place in the apocalypse. Heck, maybe it is Elvis back from the dead to save us all!

Oh, and the building has been undercoated, hoping to get it done at the weekend.

Anyway, musings aside, six weeks, six survivors. Will next week be another from Hasslefree? Probably :)



  1. Hey its Elvis!
    The model looks great and the house is coming along nicely.

  2. Yep- Elvis is back!

    The building is going well, first coats of paint on tonight

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your background story and I do hope you continue it. Bubba is a great figure.

    1. Definitely continuing this particular story on- we have to see more of Bubba!

  4. I think I've got it ! - Is the building the Heartbeak Hotel ?. (I'll get my coat)

    Great looking figure, though I doubt I'd be carting a guitar around for very long in the apocalypse. Good to see you've making progress with the building too.

    1. Guitar to herd the Zombies? Makes sense to me. I would have probably attempted to use it as a weapon tho, so it wouldn't have lasted long....

      The building is coming along nicely :)

  5. Great job on an amazing sculpt dude! I love this figure, he's on my most wanted list.
    Your background piece was very good, hope to see more man.
    The building is for Elvis to leave?

    1. Thanks, he is another of Hasslefree's best in my opinion- although I must branch out from Hasslefree at some point...

      The story will definitely go on- as I said, we have to see more from Bubba!

  6. this figure was not part of my birthday haul but looking at your paint job, I am beginning to regret that. As has already been said, the building is looking good.

    1. Your birthday haul has plenty of figures which I have been looking for as well, I am sorely resisting the temptation to order more....

  7. Really nice paintjob there and also a great frame to build a building.Looking forward to see your next step. I have tried to join your blog but I get a notice that there is a problem...I will start follow your work eventhough it doesn´t shoe.:) Keep blogging.

    1. Thanks Ptr- I am really not sure what is going on with the followers button. I have sent a question to Blogger to sort it out (hopefully!)

      Work on the building continues!