Sunday 20 March 2016

Survivors- Tallahassee and Columbus

But wait, there are more survivors from Studio Miniatures painted!

These two are the very iconic characters from Zombieland, Tallahassee and Columbus! Both excellent sculpts from Studio Miniatures, and I have painted them up in the style of their movie characters.

And of course, they need a way to get around, this time provided by a cheap diecast car I found on the internet, with the only addition being a hand painted number on the door- true to original!
Gotta love rednecks....
So there you have it, another couple of survivors done, back to the painting desk!

Will my run of more regular posts continue? Hopefully!



  1. Lovely painted figs and cool car!

  2. Excellent paintwork dude! Extremely cool ride too.

  3. Awesome, they really fit the bill! Good job!

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