Friday 19 June 2015

Survivor- Tim

Hey ho! Yet another survivor!

"... "But I don't want to be a zombie, I am always the zombie" The girl whined.

"Nope, you and your friends have to be the zombie, because we are the survivors" the boy called, gesturing to his two friends.

This was another game of survivors and zombies, played out across the grassed area out the back of the church- between the church and the wall.

"But we always have to be zombies, why do we always have to be the zombies" the girl continued to whine. Those standing with her nodded in approval.

"Because you don't know what they look like, so we have to tell you" the older boy replied.

"You do not know what they look like, you have been in these walls for as long as I have, you haven't seen any either!" The girl's response was right, the boy hadn't ever seen one. Their parents had gotten them out when the first outbreak happened and taken them north, to this now safe community. The adults periodically went out for food, supplies or to clear the walls, but none of these children had left the safety of the town. So they were left playing zombies and survivors, and running around the churchyard.

Not all of the children had such a lucky escape in the apocalypse. One boy sat by himself, away from the others. He had a borrowed shirt, borrowed pants and a .22 rifle sitting next to him, unloaded. The adults couldn't pry the gun away from the boy, they had found him holed up in a shop in town. He didn't talk much, only his name, and what seemed like every swear word in a sailor's dictionary when they tried to take his gun away.

In truth, the adults were happy that he didn't talk much. It would save them having to explain the world beyond the walls to their kids, or explain what $^*# meant.

The girl walked up to the boy, and bravely said "My brother thinks that this is how zombies move". She imitated a zombie's shuffle and moaned "braaaaaaaains".

The boy didn't respond, not even to acknowledge her presence.

"So... do you want to come play with us?"

Again the boy didn't respond.

"Is that your gun? My daddy says they aren't safe, and that it is" she put on her big voice "ridicu.... ricidu... silly that Tim can have a gun in the walls" The girl reached to touch the stock of the .22.

The boy moved his arm, slowly, deliberately and brought the rifle into his lap, away from the girl's outstretched arm.

"Fine, if you don't want to play, you should have just said. You are just weird kid" The girl stormed off, back to play the game of zombies and survivors.

The boy sat, listening to the rustling on the other side of the wall. He didn't even register the game going on in the church yard, those kids were dead as soon as the walls fell, so why bother talking to them?

With his rifle in his lap, the put his hand into his pocket and felt the cool metal of the bullets in his pocket.

When the wall fell, he would survive. He always survived.

This week's survivor is another one from the Wargames Factory boxed set. No conversions, just a simple build exactly as it is meant to be done. Which seems a little boring for me, but there you go. Perhaps the next one will have more modifications!

The paint scheme was again decided by my wife, but I added the Captain America shield logo, his top was a bit boring without anything on it.

I am really loving the Wargames Factory boxed sets at the moment, I am enjoying working with them. Painting continues, more on progress over the coming week.



  1. Good fluff. Makes me think about when that herd collapses part of the wall in the TWD comic. A nice figure too, I am do picking these up. Do have any other sets? I'm wondering how a combo with the WW2 Soviets would look.

    1. Thanks Ragsta- there is more than a little Carl in this survivor!

      I haven't picked up their WW2 stuff, I have too many lead WW2 miniatures to need more plastic! But that said, I think they should be ok, you might have a bit of work to make the poses natural, given the exaggerated poses of a few of the survivor models. But, should work I reckon!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Tom!

      We need to get on to organising the next game :)

  3. Very nice mini' dude. Love the t-shirt, great back story too.

    1. Thanks Bob, glad you enjoyed the backstory, this one was nice and easy to write!

  4. Very nicely done mate. Love the story as well very fitting.

    1. Thanks Simon, I am enjoying working with these plastics, and the story was easy this week, Tim just screamed out to being the loner kid who knew too much!