Sunday 14 December 2014

First Zeds

Back at the first post, this started with assembling four Studio Miniatures plastic zombies whilewatching The Walking Dead.

I have to say, I quite like the Studio Miniatures models. The Zeds are suitably shambling, with a nice mix of heads, grabbing arms and rotting flesh, very suitable for Zeds. Plus, they are cheap, which is always a bonus when you want lots of them!

A little annoyingly tho, their bases are so different to the ones from Hasslefree, which are the traditional GW slottabase. Now, it might seem like a small thing to critique, but if I want to use the Studio Miniatures zeds with say.... Wargames Factory zeds, their bases will be different. At any rate, their bases are already different to my survivors!

Do I care enough to change them? Not at the moment. Maybe all my zeds will be on different bases and my OCD will just have to stick it out. We will see how well that goes....

Anyway, on to the Zeds themselves.

This is what they looked like with an undercoat:

And this is what they look like fully painted!

Here they are, the assembled group of four! Built straight from the box with no modification, they have come up quite well I think. It is a tough debate how much time to spend painting zombies, after all they are just going to become one of many. I have seen people do monochrome which looks phenomenal as a horde, but not that neat as single figures. My hope is to find the middle ground between the two. The pictures are a little out of focus, sorry about that. I will make a better job of it with my next ones!

And as for making more Zee's? Well I have more than a few ideas.... But I will share that once I start the next set of four...



  1. Nice start on the horde dude! Good luck with the rest of them. Any luck with the followers button?

  2. Thanks for the encouragement- I am really enjoying working on these guys!

    I will try to sort out the followers button, Blogger seems to have done something funny with it. But I will see what I can do....