Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Walking Dead Wednesday- Tyrese!

And we are back for another Walking Dead Wednesday!

After last week's departure into the realms of large metal vehicles, it is time to bring it back to the minis from the Studio Miniatures kickstarter.

This week, we have Tyrese. The hammer wielding, former football player who Rick and the gang meet on their travels. Now, the one thing I do have to add before posting the miniature is that I lost the original right hand, so instead had to make one from a spare Black Tree Designs casualty figure, with a new wrist sculpted from greenstuff. Probably a good lesson in being careful when looking at new shiny miniatures!

Anyway, back to the cool stuff. Here is Tyrese:

And in Outbreak, Tyrese has the following stats.

Right, that is it for another day, it is time to:



  1. Great mini and very cool paintjob dude!

  2. Thanks Bob, glad you like him!

  3. Nice job dude. I managed to scavenge an M1 carbine from a ww2 set I plan to stick on him somewhere.

  4. Nice indeed. You don't need a big hammer to do a lot of damage!