Thursday, 17 September 2015

Survivor Friday- Sheldon!

Back for Survivor Friday, and unlike this week's Wednesday post, this one is actually on Friday!

This week's survivor is another from the excellent Studio Miniatures range, but not from the Walking Dead, but it is rather this guy!

... Sheldon's Log, 72 days post rising.

It has been 46 days now since I departed the safety of our safe house to make the journey to the research facility which Amy is working at. She was handpicked by the CDC as one of the leading neuroscientists in the world, as they collected all of the best biologists in the world together to cure this apocalypse.

Naturally they need my help, based on the amount of zombies around, they aren't exactly making progress.

It has been 46 days since Leonard begged me not to go out. Since Penny forcibly blocked the door. I snuck out when they were asleep. Our building had been spared the worst of the apocalypse, we had blocked the stairwell so there was no way they could get up, it didn't help the people on the bottom floors.

I armed myself with Longclaw, it's Valyrian steel would work just as well against these zombies as against the white walkers, and wearing the uniform of the greatest explorer civilization has ever known, that of First Officer Spock. How could I fail? Such a thing is inconceivable, even to a man of my intelligence.

Story with so many apologies to the writers and producers of the Big Bang Theory :)

So, there you have it! Another cool miniature from Studio Miniatures. It is the little details on this one that I love- the sword is actually longclaw, which we know was on the apartment wall. In the illustration, he is meant to be wearing a green lantern shirt, but I thought, well if he is going on an expedition, it only makes sense that he would treat it as an away mission.

Plus he is wearing blue, none of the guys in blue uniforms get killed on away missions- right?

Hope you like him, I am cracking in to the next batch of painting, look out for Tyrese's sister Sasha on Wednesday, and then I think another from the kickstarter on Friday.

But that is not all, we have other cool things on the boil, which I hope to be able to update you on next week!