Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Walking Dead Wednesday- Daryl!

Right, back again and I think I *might* just have my painting mojo back.

Here we have Daryl Dixon, the fan favorite of the TV series, but someone who has not (and I hope never will!) made an appearance in the comic series.

Miniatures wise, Daryl is another from the excellent Studio Miniatures kickstarter, with the exception that I got our my green stuff and added the poncho he wore (albeit briefly) during the series. Mainly to add some colour into a figure which was going to be wearing a whole lot of black. Plus it adds to his skill, right?

As for the result? I am pretty darn keen on the effect, the pattern was surprisingly easy, and I am keen on how it has come out. Daryl's face is one of the better one's I have managed to do, so overall, he is one of my favourites so far!

No Zomb-daryl. Clearly he is just too good at not getting bitten to warrant a zombie version :)

In Skirmish Outbreak, Daryl is an Elite, armed with a Crossbow and the Bow Hunter skill. Which basically makes him a badass, crossbow hunting, zombie killing machine. So... pretty much Daryl in the show then!

Anyway, back to painting. Next up on the Walking Dead Wednesday? Daryl's nemesis. But that is all I will give you....



  1. Great job dude! Love the poncho.

    1. Thanks Bob, I am pretty happy with how he has turned out!

  2. Huh, I don't remember the poncho from the TV show. Still, it makes the figure unique and you should be pleased with the result.

    1. He wore it very briefly in an episode or two, it wasn't exactly long lasting!