Friday, 11 September 2015

Survivor Saturday- Corporal Ellen Best

Apologies for the late survivor this week, my Friday was spent farewelling a really good mate of mine who passed away unexpectedly last week. Tried to write a tribute for here two or three times, but the words didn't work, I couldn't get it right. There were people who did it much better than I could ever imagine of doing it, and I am so grateful to them for that, including Tim's, which you can find here.

I painted this week's survivor a week or two ago, and she is a bit unique, as I sculpted her too! She was my entry into the Hasslefree competition a few years (three maybe?) ago. I wanted to avoid the stereotypical female in gaming, the chainmail bikinis etc. So, I instead layered my model up in thick clothing, body armour, gave her an SA-80 and made her a British Solider!

Overall, the sculpt isn't great. I was immensely proud of it then, but looking at it now I can see the number of flaws that are in it, and certainly can see why I didn't win! All that aside, I still love having her in my group of Zombie survivors, and it is a good kick in the pants for me to get out my sculpting tools again.

I have paired her up with a Military Working Dog from Recreational Conflict, and have given her an approximation of MTP camo, as well as a nice red beret and an MP armband.

She relates to one of my favourite stories from WWZ, the one around the usage of dogs as infection spotters, trackers and herders for the fight against the undead. No story this week, because I am pretty sure I couldn't do it better than Max Brooks did!

I have a fair bit on the painting table at the moment, so check back in for Walking Dead Wednesday!



  1. Kudos on your sculpting dude! Your a lot better at it than me.
    She looks OK painted though. Nice doggy too.

  2. I agree with Bob: while your sculpt may not have won a competition, it's a lot better than anything I can do.

    The camouflage looks very effective, but the red beret would seem to make her a bit of a target?

  3. Looks great to me. Sculpting is bloody hardwork!

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Its a nice tribute from you all still either way.