Thursday, 3 September 2015

Survivor Friday- Dr Thomas Tapping

Survivor Friday is back again people, and this time it is even on a Friday!

... The room was brightly lit by powerful lights, their cold, sterile gaze focused on the zombie lying on a metal table in the centre of the room.

Neatly arranged on a nearby table sat the creatures arms and legs, leaving the dismembered torso strapped on the central table, its jaw opening and closing, dimly aware of the figure standing over it.

The figure sat at the end of the table his eyes focused on the work in front of him. The top of the zombie's head had been removed, exposing it's brain. The figure worked the scalpel through the once living brain tissue, observing and noting the stimuli response. The work was delicate and precise, his blue-gloved hands moving slowly and methodically as he explored the undead brain. He spoke aloud, recording his findings as he went.

Abruptly, the figure stopped. The zombie's mouth had stopped moving. The figure stood up, and flung the small stool he was sitting on against the wall in a fit of useless rage. The stool hit the wall, dropping harmlessly to the ground. The figure breathed heavily, the exertion after so much time sitting down concentrating enough to fatigue him.

The figure stood up, pulled off his gloves and ran his fingers through his hair. He put the dictophone up to his mouth and resumed recording.

"Test 619. Attempted exposure of the pineal body through the parietal lobe unsuccessful. Subject expired before meaningful data collected. No valuable data obtained". He clicked the dictophone off, adding "again" aloud, to the empty room.

The figure walked over to the stool, righted it and sat down again. He held his head in his hands contemplating his next step. He pulled up the dictophone again.

"Preperation to begin for Test 620. Access to live subject preferable, however post-deceased subject also deemed effective for study. Occipital lobe perhaps more effective, however parietal lobe to be tested with test subject 620. Dr Thomas Tapping."

Dr Thomas stood up, walked over to the table to get a fresh set of gloves, and to recover the large knife which sat next to the dismembered limbs of test subject 619. He left the room, turning the bright lights off as he left....

Well, another week gone, another excellent sculpt from Studio Miniatures! This chap is the "not-Dexter" from their recent kickstarter. Just like the Detective from last week, he didn't quite fit in with the Walking Dead Wednesdays, so he became a Friday Survivor instead. He actually has a Zombie version too, but I have other plans for that figure!

Hope you like him, I enjoyed the story with this one. Painting for the Walking Dead Wednesday over the weekend, plus next week's survivor. And I do have a fair bit of writing I need to do too!



  1. A simpe but effective figure, made more so by the simple addition of the blue gloves - very clever!

    1. Thanks- I totally agree. I was a little lost as to what to do with the figure, as he is very simple. It was only when I got the spark of inspiration on the doctor theme that I remembered the blue gloved men from the Serenity series, and so Thomas was born!

  2. Great job dude! Excellent backstory and the blue gloves are a superb touch, consider that idea stolen. Genius.

    1. Thanks Bob. You are of course, more than welcome to steal the idea, all I ask is that you name your version Chris :)

  3. I agree with the other comments: the blue gloves make this model stand out. I'm not sure that I would have figured him for a doctor without the background story, though. Mind you, I've now got it in my mind to build a survivor who is wearing a disposable gown and a face mask!

    1. I tend to agree, but after 600 odd test subjects, I think that the gown must have worn out! There is always the chance he isn't a real doctor....

      Hmmm gown and face mask? Interesting....