Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Walking Dead Wednesday- Sasha!

Right, we are back with another Walking dead Wednesday, another great sculpt from Studio Miniatures.

This time we have Sasha, Tyrese's sister. In the last season she is a crack shot with her rifle, and maybe isn't doing so well with this whole apocalypse thing. She seems to be taking on the role which Andrea played in the comics, which I don't think is a bad thing.

And here is the Studio Miniatures version!

I promise she is less shiny in person.

And Sasha is lucky (?) enough to have a zombie version as well...

And the two side by side:

In Skirmish Outbreak, I would think Sasha would be something like...

right, there you have it, another one done ON TIME! Which is exciting.

Next week? Hershel I think. And as for this weeks survivor? Well, firstly there are more than one, and secondly, they are on the painting table!



  1. Another useful model, I think. It's nice to see some survivor miniatures that aren't laden down with firearms!