Sunday, 27 September 2015

After Action Report- Spanner in the works...

So, with the tank crew I had finished last week, I headed down to the local club to play the scenario which I wrote for the tank.

The story of the scenario is in the last post, so we will dive straight in to the game!

So the tank crew have been driving around in their M60, only to have it make a loud bang, and stop working. From there, they make the traditional horror movie decision to split the group into two. Two guys stay in the tank, the other two head out to see what they can find in the nearby buildings.

The tank is incredibly formidable...

But starts attracting some attention from the locals...

The two guys out looting the buildings are made aware that they are attracting the unwanted attention..

And so they head down, to get back to the tank and help out their buddies. They quickly kill the zombie at the base of the building...

And kill another zombie in their path, who had no idea it was coming...

Sean however gets grabbed by another zombie, and luckily is able to kill it before it got him.

Meanwhile, over at the tank, the crew attempted to fire the 50cal cupola MG at the oncoming horde. All the heavy weapon manages to do is to ventilate a nearby bus, with not a single zombie affected! Taking matters into his own hands, one of the crew hop out of the tank, engaging the oncoming zombies with his M16.

While he is successful for a time, he quickly starts attracting a lot of attention...

The two outside the tank are beginning to attract attention too, their stealthy run was interrupted by a low moan from the zombies, attracting more to their position. With their main route blocked, they turned and headed away from the zombies...

He had time to kill a crawling zombie who was blocking his escape route...

Meanwhile, things were getting worse at the tank. The drumming of the 50 cal was bringing in more zombies, and wasn't helping Thomas, fighting for his life on the turret...

The escape route for the two outside the tank was fast closing up...

With Hank caught in combat, struggling to fight off all of the zombies...

Not being able to move made the situation even worse as more zombies piled in...

The situation at the tank continued to worsen, with more and more zombies arriving...

And making matters even worse, the 50cal finally ran out of ammo. The other crewman popped a hatch, and got to work on attacking the swarm of zombies on the tank.

But there are no shortage of zombies surrounding the tank...

Having just seen his buddy torn apart, the remaining survivor was hard pressed to fight off all of the zombies around him..

The remainder of the horde finished their meal, and then headed towards the remaining survivor...

He made a break for it, trying to outrun the zombies...

Only to get caught by a zombie's grab as he ran!

Things around the tank hadn't improved...

And the survivor on the outside was in a bad, bad way...

The last images of the tank weren't any better...

So all in all a cracking game. My plucky band of survivors tried really, really hard to survive, but just got totally overwhelmed by the number of zombies attacking them. End result? No survivors, lots of zombies. Thanks to Tom for a good game, although, that really didn't stop him from slaughtering all of my guys.

If you think you can do any better than I did, I will be posting the scenario up later this week so that you can have a go.

Question for the commenters- Zombtober, what is it, should I be involved in it?



  1. That was an awesomely fun bat rep! The tank made a fun distraction, and the inevitable results of splitting the group in a horror film, well just icing on the cake! Great looking, and I could tell it was a fun time.

    I love your work, it is great looking and seems fun!

    Zomtober, well it's usually an excuse for people to paint zombies or survivors. I don't think there is anything official about it, just a great excuse to paint some figs! Personally I'm going to use it as an excuse to paint figs.

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoy it.

      Interesting on Zombtober, I am going to have to do some thinking!

    2. Anything zombie related is welcome dude.

  2. A great game. My rolls for getting more zombies from noise were relentless in there success. Loads of fun as usual, thanks Chris.

    1. Yep. You killed my survivors good!

      Was very good, thanks for the game bud!

  3. I guess that tanks are fine against zombies as long as you've got enough fuel - and food. And don't need to pee. Or sleep...

    1. Or leave the tank for any reason at all.

      Other than that is a great idea!

  4. Replies
    1. Yep.

      Not sure I would call the zombie apocalypse "normal"

  5. FUBAR!
    That looked like great fun dude! Nice batrep!
    Join Zombtober, one of us, one of us.LOL.

    1. Thanks Bob- glad you enjoyed it!

      Alright, I will join the Zombtober fun, I think I have a plan too....

  6. Your board looks great! What is Zombtober? Are there any rules?