Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Terrain- Gamecraft Miniatures 28mm Church

In some of the feedback about Medieval Mayhem I have been receiving so far (have I mentioned recently that you too can buy a copy from people have been asking where that big church came from!

So, to answer the question, here is a closer look at the church, with the help of the Black Knight!

It comes from Gamecraft Miniatures, and is made from 3mm MDF. I am a big fan of this new booming market of MDF buildings, and Gamecraft is probably my favourite supplier in this space. I own plenty of their 15mm buildings for my moderns gaming, so when I spotted this in their 28mm range, I just knew I had to have it! Allen at Gamecraft is great to deal with, I have only had one minor issue with one of the 30 something buildings I have gotten from him, and he was able to fix it right away. Great customer service in my book.

Right, back to the church. So the building itself is made up of two layers of MDF, which provides both depth and detail to the model. I assembled it in sections (wall by wall), using pegs and rubber bands to keep the pieces together while the glue hardened. There are a number of laser cut details added, the windows are lovely (and Gamecraft sell stained glass to go in it too, which I really should get!) as well as the crosses on the tower. After assembling, I liberally coated the model with Tamiya textured paint to give it that stippled covering, and then gave it a couple of coats of grey.

Little windows



The roof is easily removable, and I added some interior doors. Speaking of the interior, it also comes with some lovely wooden roof framing too.

I must get some pews and other things to put inside, but for now, the church is done. I really need to get more terrain made for my zombie gaming.



  1. Mate that is massive! I love the interior framework

  2. Yes, that does look good. But you're right: details such as internal furniture and stained windows would make a difference!

    1. Yep, it would really take it to the next level!