Friday, 4 December 2015

Survivor Friday- HAZMAT Team Alpha

Welcome back to another Survivor Friday!

In between furiously painting the lovely Medieval Mayhem miniatures, I managed to put the finishing touches on my HAZMAT team from Recreational Conflict.

I liked the bulky and slightly awkward posing of the Recreational Conflict figures, I think it suits the HAZMAT suit really well.

I think the group of six is made up of some scientists, out looking for the cure, with a few USMC body guards to keep them safe on their scientific expedition. Because after all if anyone can find a cure, people in bright yellow suits are surely our best bet. Right?


More Medieval Mayhem miniatures over the weekend- Knights of Ni! Taunting Frenchmen! And more!



  1. They looks great! Not seen these ones before. I'm quite fond of the Copplestone castings ones.

  2. I like the scientist ones best, nice team tho

  3. Well done, I love the hazmat team!