Thursday, 17 December 2015

Survivor Friday- Dorothy and the Gang

Right- we are back to Survivor Friday!

Apologies for the lack of Survivor Friday last week, but with the in-laws staying for the weekend my poor wee miniatures got locked in a cupboard until the visitors had left. To be honest, it was quite a good break, as painting all of the figures for Medieval Mayhem took some serious doing, so it was good to have a day or two to just not paint. It meant that when I started again, it was all the more enjoyable.

Making it even more enjoyable was the fact that I had one last set of miniatures from Studio Miniatures to paint. Not Medieval Mayhem this time, but instead one of my absolute favorites from them:

My sister was (and still is) a devout fan of the Wizard of Oz, the 1939 film with Judy Garland. Growing up I have seen that movie far more times than I care to remember, but it meant that when I saw these figures in the Studio Miniatures range, I had to have them!

So the group is made up of Dorothy, who is a fair bit more punk rock than Judy Garland. Plus she is packing two pistols!

And we have her loyal dog, Toto. Who I couldn't resist painting as a Doberman, rather than a little cairn terrier!

The scarecrow is looking more alive, but still worse for wear. Where is his other boot?

As for the Tin Man, well, you take whatever armour you can get, right? You have to love the fireaxe!

And lastly, the cowardly lion. Mascot suit should protect from a zombie bite right? Although, you will lose a lot of depth perception from that giant head....

So there you have it, another cracking set of Studio Miniatures which I have absolutely loved painting. I took these photos with my new camera, some have come out really well, some really haven't. So apologies for that, I will get better, honest!

Must be about time to do another order with Studio Miniatures to restock....



  1. I love the studio miniatures, I've got some zeds from them but really need to get some of their 'not' figs

    1. Yea... I think I qualify as "fanboy"...

      But I can highly recommend the figures!

  2. Excellent work! I do love this set. Keep meaning to pick it up at some point!