Saturday, 12 December 2015

Medieval Mayhem Characters

Here are the latest of my completed miniatures for Medieval Mayhem, no doubt some very familiar faces here!

We have Arthur's wife, the lovely Guinevere:

brave, brave) Sir Robin's accompanying minstrels:

Some taunting Frenchmen:

An old man from a bridge, muttering something about birds...

An enchanter:

Sir Noere:

The Knights of Ni

And of course the Black Knight

Studio have created a second Black Knight figure, who can be in various stages of dismemberment

I naturally opted for the completely dismembered look for my Zombie Black Knight!

Right, there you have it, all of the awesome miniatures from Studio Miniatures for Medieval Mayhem! And have I mentioned yet that Medieval Mayhem is available NOW from

No survivor Friday due to in-laws being in town. Will catch up on it Monday....



  1. Superb stuff, Chris, just superb... Great paint-jobs to a fantastic cast of minis. Very impressive collection indeed :-)

  2. Fantastic job Chris love them all!

  3. Lovely job dude!Top cast for your games.

  4. Excellent! Could be used for any zombie game, or even for Frostgrave :-) .