Thursday, 10 December 2015

Medieval Mayhem- Available NOW!

For our 100th post, I have the pleasure of announcing that Medieval Mayhem has arrived!

You can now order your copy of Medieval Mayhem from

It is a 28 page full colour supplement to Skirmish Outbreak. Inside you will find new rules for knights, peasants and squires, rules for armoured zombies, scenarios and of course, the heroes of Medieval Mayhem.

Medieval Mayhem is available in softback print and in PDF formats.

And to tempt you further, did I mention that it has zombies in it?

Including some unlucky Medieval Mayhem employees who got caught by the zombies...

These eight are from Studio Miniatures, made specifically to go with Medieval Mayhem. They are so characterful and dramatic!

And of course, any good theme park needs it's tourists- for Medieval Mayhem I whipped up (another) 40 of the Studio Miniatures plastic zombies....

No excuses not to buy your copy- and of course did I mention that Skirmish Outbreak has $10 off until January?

The last of the Medieval Mayhem miniatures will be up over the weekend, and of course a Survivor Friday too.


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  1. Good to hear it out. Awesome horde you have there. The Medieval zombies are really nice sculpts great colour scheme as well.