Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Walking Dead Wednesdays- Maggie!

And we are back!

Apologies for the week off last week, there has been stuff going on with family, which just crushed any motivation that I had to paint/write/anything. Through that now tho, so back to your scheduled programming!

Since it is Wednesday, it is time to have a look at another of Studio Miniatures' excellent Walking Dead sculpts.

Maggie is a very dynamic pose, much more so than Rick, Glenn or Carl. While I do love the pose, it presented a little bit of annoyance to me when basing (I don't use slotta bases). Nothing that a little pin through the foot can't fix (sorry Maggie!). Colours wise, I wanted the same black Riot Gear as Glenn, the brown pants/black boots seemed like a horse riding/farm girl sort of look, plus a green shirt because, well, bright colours are fun! I like that the pistol looks a bit oversized, it gives a nice contrast to the figure.

In Outbreak, I think Maggie is another Average Joe, armed with a pistol, knife and wearing Body Armour. Her stats look like this:

And of course, we also have Zomb-maggie!

Glenn and Maggie, fighting for each other...

And then reunited...

Right, back on this painting band wagon. Next week's Walking Dead Wednesday is mostly done, and it is the fan favourite Daryl!


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  1. Very nice dude! These Studio mini's are really good looking.