Saturday, 1 August 2015

Survivor Friday- Vera!

In honour of my trip to the states for GENCON, I humbly present this week's survivor.... Sorry it is a day late!

Vera is another one from the Wargames Factory plastic boxed set. She is pretty much my least favourite model from the set- primarily because her only weapon option is an RPG! (EDIT: I have been alerted that there is a second weapon for her on the sprues- she can have an AK too!) But all of that aside, I am happy with how this model has turned out. The US flag pants have worked surprisingly well, and she will make a fine addition to my growing collection of survivors.

Details on how GENCON went next week, gotta get back to talking OUTBREAK!!!



  1. Vera looks great in those shorts dude! Real classy like a proper trailer park princess.

  2. Great rendition of the odel, it's a shame that she does have fairly limited variations, like many of the survivor models, both male and female.

  3. One feisty looking lady watch out zombies!!

  4. actually there is a unmarked Ak 47 arm on the weapons sprew that was made to fit her as well as the arm that supports the weapon the arm is next to the one marked "D"