Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Walking Dead Wednesday- Carl

Right, I am back from GenCon. I am not functioning very well, so luckily for me, I wrote this post before I left!

It is time for the Walking Dead Wednesday again, this time we are having at Carl...

Now I have to apologise to Studio Miniatures here- they sculpted Carl with a silencer on the end of his pistol, like this:

(image owned by AMC, taken without permission)

But I just didn't like the way it looked, so I removed it.

Anyway, again my photography has done something weird with the eyes- I can promise that Carl's aren't as wonky in person! Other than that, the paint job was pretty simple.

In OUTBREAK, Carl has the following statistics:

I chose to make Carl an Average Joe, as this is not the young boy from Season One, we are looking at the stone cold killer of Season Five! I also gave him the Not so Sweet upgrade, giving him +2 to his firearms skill.

Just like his dad Rick, should Carl not be able to escape the zombies, Studio Miniatures have also provided a Zomb-Carl!

Again, a really lovely sculpt. With his torn pants, his jacket being pulled off you can really get the sense of a struggle to take him down, but the Zombies were clearly the winners!

So, there we have it, another Walking Dead Wednesday out of the way. Next week? Glenn!



  1. Great rendition of Carl (one of my least favourite TWD characters) and I agree with your thoughts on the 'silencer'.

  2. Really nice work dude!
    Live Carl looks good and I love the Zomb-Carl sculpt. Great job.

  3. Nice work on them both fella. I am not sure on what I will do with mine. Its a little odd. But I will cross that bridge when I come to it ;)