Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Walking Dead Wednesday- Glenn!

So after missing the deadline for the Friday survivor last week, I have been working hard to get my painting mojo back up and running. Luckily I have managed to meet one deadline, with Glenn finished for the Walking Dead Wednesday!


The figure is again from Studio Miniatures' kickstarter, and is again a lovely figure. The face on Glenn is not as nice as Rick's or Carl's, it is just less expressive I think. At any rate, it is a nice pose, combined with some of the riot gear and a no-nonsense M16, it makes for a nice figure.

In Outbreak, Glenn is another Average Joe, this time armed with an M16, Body Armour.

And just like Rick and Carl, we have Zomb-glenn as well!

I think that Zomb-Glenn needs a bit more blood, which I will remedy as soon as possible (otherwise I will forget!) I have already got next week's Walking Dead survivor on the painting table, and of course, you can't have Glenn without Maggie!

Need to get cracking on the survivor for Friday, and even play a game or two!



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Simon, I am really quite enjoying these figures

  2. He's a nice figure and well finished, but I feel that the model is a bit generic (i.e. not obviously Glenn). I don't think there's much you could have done differently to make him more recognisable.

    1. I totally agree- he is far more generic than Rick or Carl. I think it is probably a product of the season from which they based him on. I would have rathered him to have his baseball cap from the first season!

      He is more recognizable with Maggie there too I suppose.