Thursday, 5 November 2015

Survivor Friday- Travis

So, after Zombtober, it is nice to get back in to the usual swing of things with a Friday Survivor!

This week's survivor is another from Studio Miniatures, and one that I picked up through their Walking Dead kickstarter.

"... For some people, the Zombie apocalypse was a release. Their 9-5 jobs? Gone. Their mortgage? Gone. That credit card debt? Gone.

I mean, sure, you lost all of your friends and family, had to commit unspeakable acts and there was potential death, dismemberment and the very real chance that you would be eaten alive, but there were just some people who just enjoyed the whole thing..."

The miniature is very clearly based off Travis Bickle, from Taxi Driver. It is a cool figure- but once I saw his big smile I just couldn't get the idea of clown make up out of my head!

Anyway, another survivor done :)



  1. A great twist on an iconic character dude! "Are you laughing at me? I don't see anyone else here!"

  2. Seems to be enjoying the apocalypse...

    Well done, you could always use him as an unhinged ganger/survivor if you needed.

  3. That's a very big pair of guns that he's wielding, isn't it? He looks completely unhinged with the white-face applied!