Friday, 27 November 2015

Survivor Friday- The good Reverend

And we are back, and with a new survivor no less!

Those of you who have picked up your copy of Skirmish Outbreak (available here, and at a discounted price!) will have already seen the good Reverend, as he graces the back cover of the book!

He has been made from the Wargames Factory sprue, with a hand donated by a Studio Miniatures zombie and a little bit of green stuff to give him his collar and to help pose his arms. Add a pretty simple paintjob (entirely wearing black will do that!), and he is complete!

All in all, I am really happy with how he has come out, the fearful pose has worked perfectly. After all, we can't all be kung fu priests....

More Medieval Mayhem miniatures over the weekend!



  1. Great job dude! Does this mean he doesn't kick arse for the Lord?

  2. Well, I hope that book has some really sharp corners, else the priest is in trouble...

  3. Fantastic really like the pose as well. Brilliant job!

    Who needs sharp corners with a heavy enough book :)

  4. Nice paintjob and a lot of character to! Love it.