Sunday, 1 November 2015

Conquest 2015- Recap!

So over the weekend, Colin and I headed down to Christchurch for Conquest, a convention I have been attending for many, many years now (it was my first gaming convention in fact many moons ago!)

We borrowed some terrain off a mate of mine down there, Jason, and used my zombies for the games. You can see more of Jason's handiwork on his blog, Krugers Kreations. He designed the terrain for a Fallout game of his own devising, and it makes for a simply awesome Zombie apocalypse table! It is constructed from the Plasticville O scale model railway terrain. The buildings are just a shell, which Jason's excellent conversion skills have turned in to some simply awesome buildings.

We had an excellent weekend of gaming, the survivors fought bravely and survived (sometimes) and the zombie hordes were suitably relentless. Thanks to Tim for making the space for us and to all of those who took the time to talk and play games with us over the weekend.

The whole table

The Priest in a somewhat sticky situation. The yellow token denotes that he has been bitten, and will shortly turn....

Zomb-Carl wandering the streets. Not in the house, surprisingly enough.

Zomb-Bill Murray saying hello to a faceless office worker

The soldier really should move his aim up a bit....

Enclosed spaces and multiple zombies. The priest didn't make it out alive in this game....

The soldier off looting, check out the awesome interior details Jason has put into it!

More than a few cool things on the boil at the moment, but more on those through the week, oh and back to our regularly scheduled survivor on Friday!



  1. What a fabulous table, kudos to Kruger! I love that interior work.
    Congratulations to your boys winninig the RWC, a class act!

    1. Thanks! Was a good game to watch, darn Auzzies made it hard tho!

  2. Outstanding looking table! Love the details!

  3. Nice report, Table looks awesome love the figs as well. The Dude with the Steyr Aug Empress?

    1. Thanks!

      The soldier is from our ANZAC range- you can find them at