Sunday, 17 January 2016

January's Terrain Project- A boat!

Since showing off the unopened parcel back in my planning for 2016 post, I have been very busy, not just painting Daisy, but also assembling this:

The lower hull, and also showing the flat pack MDF sheets ready to be punched out

And assembled!

It is the MSV Ironsides from TT Combat, and it is an absolute beast!

With a full complement of containers, a two story bridge, stairs and other cool laser cut details, this was simply too cool for me not to buy.

With a 28mm soldier for scale

All the pieces assembled

And when placed in situ

Assembly wise, the kit was not too bad- I have assembled far worse! I used both superglue and PVA to assemble the kit, and recommend a degree of patience while assembling the larger parts- for example the container deck is two pieces and getting them to sit right, as well as their side railings was a little challenging! Assembling it late at night probably wasn't helping that either.

Regardless, it has been built now, and has even got a coat of paint!

I am planning on trying out the salt weathering method on it, to give it a rusted hulk kind of look. Should be good I think!

More on this as I progress....



  1. Look forward to see how you get on with it as I'm looking to do some wrecks soon

  2. Looks pretty cool, I've never heard of TT Combat either. Look forward to seeing how the weathering works out.

  3. That looks so cool. I want one! :))

  4. I wouldn't mind buying one of them myself. What a great model.

  5. Great start would be cool for some spec ops games.

  6. I just became aware of the TTCombat range in the last week or so and I am mightily impressed. This is an excellent ship (thought you need to finish it properly :-) ) ; I can't help thinking of archaeologist adventurers struggling for treasure on its decks in the middle of an Atlantic storm!

    I'm sorely tempted to get some of their other pieces for myself...

  7. Having seen the finished product at our local Con I can confirm the finished product is awesome. TTCombat has some great stuff on the sight and since Chris introduced it to me I have made an order.