Friday, 15 January 2016

First Survivor of 2016- Daisy!

Right, so fresh from the big "this is what I am going to do post", I have actually managed to sit down and paint something!

The first survivor of the year comes from RN estudio, from their Indiegogo campaign I backed about a year ago (here). In fact, the figures are available for sale now I see.

I have to admit, this is the second (maybe third) time I have attempted to paint her, the first time I hadn't done enough prep work on the resin and the paint refused to adhere- my usual cleaning method for resin clearly hadn't worked out at all. I threw her into the "too hard" pile, where she sat for a good couple of months. It was only as I was trying to clear my painting table (unsuccessfully I might add), that I came across her again.

And while I was working on this month's terrain piece (more on that in the next day or two), I wanted something small which I could use to distract myself from the larger blocks of painting- which she was perfect for! Couple that with some inspiration from the latest Star Wars movie, you have Daisy (obviously named for Daisy Ridley, and her character Rey):

Not a bad way to ease into the new year! She is a bit less dark in person, I am just struggling a little sorting out lighting. Clearly I just need to finish more survivors, and get more practice, right?

Update on the terrain for January coming soon, hopefully the weather clears up for me to progress it....



  1. Very nice I see I will have to check this range!

  2. Any more free scenarios in the works?