Saturday, 3 October 2015

Zombtober Week One: WW2 Zombies, and Hellboy!

Righto, so week one of Zombtober is now officially out of the way!

When starting my "Zombies of History" project, I realized that I didn't have much time, at all for the first week (four days in fact), plus I knew I was spending most of that time with my son's birthday, and his birthday party.

So, taking it easy on myself, I chose the easiest theme to start with, in WW2.

Why so easy? Well, because Studio Miniatures already make a set of plastic WW2 zombies, plus I already own them, plus I have been playing WW2 games for years, and so have a pretty good idea on how to paint them!

This is how they came out:

They are pretty much standard builds, with a random assortment of arms, based on what I had available.

And as for this week's survivor, it is one which I have had lying around for a year or two. He is from the Hasslefree range, and as soon as I saw his big hand as an option on the sprue, I knew I had to have one! The only modification from me was to give him his horn stumps on his head, other than that, all of the work has been done by the excellent team at Hasslefree.

Now, please forgive the slight ahistory to Hellboy. Yes, I know he was "born" in WW2, so when fighting Nazi zombies, he probably should be a child. But, perhaps they are modern Nazis he is fighting, who like to wear traditional uniforms? Or perhaps they have been sealed in an underground bunker for years, only now emerging, which the BPRD are investigating?

At any rate, this is my version of Hellboy :)

And of course, him facing off against the zomb-nazis....

Update tomorrow on my plan for next week's historical period :)



  1. Great start to Zomtober Chris and there's nothing wrong with Nazi zombies during the modern age having had their sleep disturbed ;-) That's some nice shambling poses you've put your zeds into and obviously Hellboy is terrific.

  2. You're off to a great start, Chris. I really like what you've done.

  3. Excellent dude Hellboy looks great as does the zeds he is destroying :) They have obviously been resurrected by a devious practitioner of the dark arts.

  4. Zombie WWII reenactors. Sehr cool!

  5. Hmm, can (reformed) demons be infected with a zombie virus? Hellboy might be safe enough, no matter how many of the grey men attack him :-) .

  6. Cracking start dude! You've just gotta love the uber-evil of Nazi zombies. Hellboy looks great too.