Monday, 5 October 2015

Zombtober: Week Two assembly!

Righto, off we go, week two!

... "Do you really think three whole legions. More than twenty thousand dead legionnaires.

Do you really think they could be caught unawares in such a simple trap in that damn forest in Gaul?

Do you really think the legion are so foolish?"

The old man slammed his hand on to the table his fur coat pulling away to reveal a clear SPQR tattoo on his now exposed bicep. The old, bearded man beside him laughed at his outburst and said something in an incomprehensible language.

The foolhardy youth had disturbed to two old men while they drank, his friends spurring him on, daring him to ask the old man about the battle in the forest. Their cohort was headed north, passing through the forest on their way north.

Now he really regretted it.

The old man grabbed the boy by the throat, and drew him close to his face. He whispered with menace.

"It wasn't the Gauls boy. It was the dead. Men. Women. Children. Legionary and Gaul alike. I watched three legions die with my back to a gaul as we fought to live, fought to save Rome, save everywhere from that horror.

We survived.

You wouldn't last three minutes."

The bearded man laughed again. Louder this time.

So that should give you enough of a clue of what this week's zombies and survivors will be!

I started with a variety of plastic sprues from Wargames Factory and Warlord Games....

And once I combined that with some glue and some greenstuff, we got two survivors...

And we got some Roman-Zombies...

And some celt-zombies...

And now I have till Sunday to get some paint on them!

I will have the tank scenario up tomorrow, and then a Walking Dead Wednesday. And then maybe a painting update.

Busy week!



  1. Very cool looking zeds really love the crawler!

  2. Good work and some nice greenstuff on the crawler :-)

  3. Interesting idea dude! Nice conversions, particularly like the greenstuff guts on the crawler.