Thursday, 25 June 2015

Survivor- Lefty

It's Friday, so it is time for another survivor!

... The horde shambled onwards, their dead eyes and gaping maws groaning as they advanced.

A single solitary figure stood in the road, their target. The wall of zombies moved with all their speed towards him

Bottom of the ninth, two out...

The zombies edged closer, trampling over those zombies which tripped over the discarded rubbish lying in the street, crashing into parked cars as they raced towards the figure

Lefty on the pitchers mound....

The wave of zombies got closer to the figure, he could see their rotting flesh, the tattered remnants of their clothes hanging off their grey, discoloured frames

Theres the windup...

The zombies rushed closer, twenty metres away now

There's the pitch...

The figure tossed the burning Molotov Cocktail straight and hard towards the onrushing zombies.


The lead zombies were doused in flames, the fire spreading to the zombies around them, quickly engulfing the whole horde. A few zombies dropped, the flames reaching their brains and burning them out. But not fast enough, the horde of zombies was now a burning mass, racing closer to the figure.

He had stood still to admire the flight of his pitch, but quickly realized that the Molotov hadn't stopped the horde like he had planned. He ran towards the nearest tall object- a nearby SUV, quickly scrambling on top of it. All he could do was swat at the burning zombies with his bat while he waited for the fire to do its work- hopefully it wouldn't take long....

Lefty is another survivor from the Wargames Factory boxed set. He took a bit of converting to get right- basically I came up with the idea of having a baseball player once I spotted the baseball bat arm, but then had the bigger issue of the other hand! After some deliberation, I decided on the Molotov holding arm, which I positioned to make it look like he was throwing left handed- hence Lefty!

I greenstuffed Lefty's shirt into a more traditional baseball shirt, adding the tails to the shirt. Painting the shirt was pretty simple, simply a matter of painting the shirt white, and then using a 0.05mm pen to draw the vertical stripes in. Simple!

I am enjoying the plastic boxes so far, I have another few conversion ideas in my head too. Ah well, another survivor done, and hey look, 50 posts!



  1. Very nice dude! I don't recognise Lefty, I guess he didn't make it to the majors.

    1. He would tell you he could have gone pro, if it weren't for the apocalypse....

  2. Good addition to your survivors and great conversion on the shirt,

    1. Thanks! I am quite happy how the shirt came out.

  3. What a great job love the stripes down shirt as well. Job well done I say :D

    1. Thanks Simon! The Green Stuff work coming out so well has encouraged me to have a go at some larger conversions.... watch this space!

  4. That's some pretty fine lining on the shirt. I don't think I've ever managed to paint such thin features myself. Is it pen rather than paint?

    1. Definitely pen! It is a 0.05mm pen, I would have no chance at painting it!