Sunday, 28 June 2015

Studio Miniatures Zombies

Back to one of my favourites, the Studio Miniatures Plastic Zombies. They are my favourite of the plastic zombies available, and I have lots and lots of them.

A wee while back, I (foolishly?) said that I would complete 3 zombies for every survivor I completed this year. Now, I am obviously now more than a little bit behind. But fear not! For I have a plan.....

And at least for now, I have completed 4 more zombies :)

All pretty much straight out of the box builds, with the exception for an arm or two borrowed from the Wargames Factory Survivors sprue for variety. Nothing major!

And luckily for me, I can remember how to paint zombies!

Back to survivor assembling- Wargames Factory sprues again this week!


1 comment:

  1. Nice job dude! The plastic kits available now are great, so many options, add in a couple of sprues from different manufacturers and the possibilities seem almost limitless.