Friday, 6 February 2015

Police Month Week One: Tenth Survivor- Detective Chief Inspector Daniel Calvin

The Tenth Survivor heralds the start of my first theme month, February is going to be all police, all the time!

Number 10 is Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Daniel Calvin....

"...another body.

This is his fifth homicide in two days.

She is young, maybe 16? Blonde hair. Pretty dress. Probably on her way home from a party. Took a shortcut to get a taxi home.

Now she is dead in a dark alley way. No sign of sexual assault.

DCI Calvin moves closer. His hands are in his pockets, reduces the temptation to touch things he always says.

The girl's torso is split open, blood and viscera have oozed out onto the dark concrete. Her face is unrecognizable, shattered, crushed. What was once her image had been destroyed.

Calvin looks away, and his mind spins back the past 48 hours, a film reel of horror and violence. Such are the idle moments of a homicide detective. The fifth victim in the last two days.

The first victim was a tweaker, a druggie. Stabbed in the head by his once friend. Apparently he had gone crazy, thrashing, attacking, so his mate stabbed a steel pipe through his eye socket and into his brain. Then the other junkie continued his drug trip, and is now in a coma in hospital. Calvin had seen him, his body was covered in wounds, needle marks, infections, scratches and bites. Life on the streets had not been kind to him, the nurses must have struggled to find a vein to put the IV into.

Victim two was Paul Hastings. Shot at close range by his wife, Susan Hastings. Shot dead in his kitchen, blood on his arm, and a single round through the forehead.

Victim three was Shaun Hastings. Shot at close range, by his mother, Susan Hastings. Same MO as Paul. Both were found in the kitchen, wounds on his skin. Coroner's report yet to come.

Victim four was Susan Hastings. Self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Wound on arm, suggests a struggle with Dan. Perhaps Shaun caught in the crossfire? Must remember to check for a history of abuse Calvin reminded himself.

And now victim number five.

Calvin rubbed his eyes to refocus himself. He hadn't slept. Too many questions, too many anomalies. He wanted nothing more than to go back to bed, to curl up and never be seen again.

"This stinks" Calvin said aloud to no one in particular.

"What does?" the coroner replied, as he spoke he went about his work examining and photographing the body.

"This whole thing. Why here? Why smash her head in? Why do so much damage?" Calvin responded. He was staring now at the girl. Willing himself to make sense of it.

"You aren't going to like this Guv" a police officer had arrived at his side, holding a document tightly in her hands. "All of them have been bitten."

"Bitten? As in by a human?" The officer nodded. "A cannibal? Christ...." Calvin replied. He stared into the distance.

His sleep would have to wait....

DCI Calvin comes from Crooked Dice, and is an absolute cracking miniature! He may actually be my favourite so far, which is a pretty big call, but I think he might just be. The story is very heavily influenced by the Luther TV series (hence Calvin as his name too), so apologies to Neil Cross (the creator of Luther) for shamelessly ripping your material off! I do really like the figure, and the colour scheme for the suit is directly from Luther's wardrobe.

Now, as I said. February is going to be all police, all the time. It has begun with DCI Calvin, and will continue for the next 3 weeks with yet more police officers!

As ever, I would love to hear from you, what do you think? Like the figure? Like the story? Let me know!



  1. Great backstory dude! Love the figure, where does he come from? Very nice paintjob too dude. These posts are giving me something to look forward to on a Friday, keep them coming!

    1. DCI Calvin comes from crooked dice, he is part of one of their geezer packs if I remember right.

      Glad to hear you are liking them Bob!

  2. Nice story and nice miniature. I wonder if his retirement party will coincide with Z-day :-) ?

    1. Thanks bud. I couldn't resist having him two days from retirement- some cliches just have to be followed!

  3. He is an excellent figure and your paintwork does him proud. I love the back stories you come up for your characters. A big thumbs up from me.

  4. Daniel Calvin looks awsome mate!

    1. Thanks mate- Most of the credit needs to go to Crooked Dice for a very good sculpt!