Friday, 27 February 2015

Police Month Week Four- Officers Angle and Frost

The final week of Police Month is upon us, and so naturally we have to have these two chaps from Hasslefree.....

... "Now class, we have a special visitor today. This is Sergeant Angel and Officer Frost from the Police, here to talk to us about Zombie safety"

"Thank you Miss Winterbottom, my name is Sergeant Angle.."

"You are an angel to me love.."

"...right... Officer Frost and I are here to talk to you about Zombie Safety. Now before we get started, are there any questions?"

Officer Frost raises his hand, a wide smile on his face.

"Yes Officer Frost"

"Have you ever killed a zombie?"

"No. Because zombies are already dead, you can't kill them. What you can do is stop the virus, which I have done, yes"

Officer Frost pipped up again "How did you do it?"

"I have used a variety of methods, but each time I have hit them in the head, destroying the brain."

Again, Officer Frost spoke "So like guns and stuff?"

"Yes Officer, I have used my standard issue police firearm to stop a zombie" More than a touch of irritation was creeping in to Sergeant Angle's voice.

"Have you ever shot a zombie from a moving car?"


"Have you ever shot two guns at once?"


"Is it true that there is a place on a zombie's head, that if you shoot it, it will blow up?"

"Officer Frost, I am sure the children would rather hear the talk than listen to your questions don't you think?"

Officer Frost put his hand down, and was (finally) quiet.

"Any other questions before we begin?"

One of the children put his hand up, "So is there a place you can shoot to make the zombie's head explode?...."

We haven't had figures from Hasslefree in a while, so I haven't mentioned lately how much I like them! These guys are pretty obviously from Hot Fuzz, so I couldn't resist theming their story around the same film. So apologies for the blatant rip off of their dialogue, but I blame Hasslefree for making such good likenesses. Today's story is different to my other offerings, firstly it is in the aftermath of the Z apocalypse, and it is also trying to be funny (up to you whether I was successful!), so it was a nice change for me to write. These guys have actually been painted up for quite a long time, just waiting for me to post them up here!

These two also come with the first of my vehicles, a police car. I am totally undecided what I am going to do with vehicles, I am really tempted to repaint them all, but that would cause a drastic reduction in the amount which I will have in my games! So for now, it is just in it's prepainted state. Maybe I will just do some weathering...

These two are no exception on the quality from Hasslefree, in fact I see that their kits have gotten even better, with even more weapon options! Do I need another version of these guys? Probably not. There are other things to paint first!

I have one last offering for Police Month on Monday, then back to our regular programming....



  1. I love "Hot Fuzz" and these characters. Kudos to Kev of Hasslefree for sculpting them so perfectly. I liked your introductory story with the changes you made. That's a nice looking police car. I'd leave it as is or possibly add a bit of weathering. It doesn't need a total repaint.

    1. I love Hot Fuzz too- which why these were so darn hard to resist!

      I reckon you are right about the police car, total repaint would be too hard!

  2. Nice figures and nice car! Hasslefree miniatures are very addictive, aren't they?

    I think the car could do with a small amount of weathering; it's just a little too bright.

    1. Hasslefree are very addictive. However I am actually running close to the end of my supply of them!

      Weathering is in order- job for the weekend!

  3. Great job on some lovely figures! Not sure whether to get these or not as I want to set my ATZ game in the USA (easier access to guns for one thing). The car looks good but could use a little weathering, to make it look "lived in" and not so showroom fresh. A tip I learnt about diecast cars is to use a matt varnish on them before you paint, stop the paint and any washes you might use just sliding off.(But don't forget to mask off the windows first)

    1. They are cracking figures, but that helmet is just so darn English isn't it? Would be very out of place in a US setting. Sadly!

      Thanks for the tip on painting die cast- I hadn't given it any thought. Now I have to find my masking tape....

  4. I'm a big fan of Hasslefree figures (not that I can afford to buy them) but for some reason I've never liked the one with the helmet ! There's just something about him I just can't put my finger on what it is ! The other chap (tthe Sean Pegg character ?) is superb though and you've done great brushwork on him (can you feel the envy ?)
    The cop car is a good find, but weathering all my vehicles is not at the top of the priority list- good luck with it.

    1. How interesting! I prefer Officer Frost (the helmeted one) more than Sgt Angle (not-Simon Pegg). I like that he has the big bobby helmet, his gut hanging out underneath his stab proof vest... But as a pair I think they are at their best.

      I think I will give this one a go, see how annoyed I get while weathering it and go from there!

  5. Nice work on them both. The new kit is great. I'm a bit unsure about getting a second set either. Love that car! Perhaps just give them a coat of matt varnish and wash of some sort and then perhaps drybrush some dirt on the wheels.

    1. I think I will hold off at the moment, because there are a few other Hasslefree figures which I would much rather get first. However it wouldn't take much for me to "accidentally" add them to the next order I make with them!

      I think the feedback is unanimous that I need to give weathering a go. Wish me luck!

  6. two more nice figures for the collection! great work on both of them. I will watch with interest to see how the weathering goes as I have a few shiny metal cars.....

    1. Thanks!

      I haven't managed to start the weathering yet on the car- I will be sure to post it up when I have completed it....